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If anyone wants to be tagged in my imagines only with Jason, Tim, Dick, Damian or all of them, etc. When you got inside the apartment you shared with your boyfriend you just threw the keys on the kitchen table making your way to the bedroom. Jason knew that something was not okay with you, so he decided to investigate as he always does. Yes, it was something wrong, something wrong with you.

All your life you grew up being the less attractive one. It all started this morning. Once a week you always go to do the groceries, sometimes if he is not on a mission Jason comes with you, he likes to help you around as much as he can. Well, this day was today, and you were actually in a really good mood until you met an old friend from high school. It came back in the 6th grade when one of your classmates told you how ugly you are with your silly hair and that ugly smile you had.

You smiled at her, said hello and like a normal human being you introduced her to Jason. While Jason left searching for the things on the list you made last night, your friend looked at you in shook.

Multifandom Imagines — Silent Treatment (Zuko x reader)

I mean, look at him and look at you! That comment ruined your entire day. You gave her a smile when all you wanted to do was cry. You felt so bad and ugly and awful. The rest of the time spent in the supermarket and on the way home you were quiet, only nodding when Jason asked you anything.

You kept that inside until you got home.

x reader insecure

You read once in a book that boys like girls who love themselves, the confident ones and you believed that. It broke his heart.

He put his hands on your face, trying to make you look at him. But you felt embarrassed and you wanted him to stop looking at you, in that moment you believed you were the most ugly person in the universe. I mean, look at me. Please, stop thinking about stupid things. I love you and in my eyes you will always be the most beautiful, gorgeous and brave woman I ever met.Originally posted by zackfaire.

I watch as she walks out of the room before I groan. I head towards the beach, running my hands through my hair. You look towards the beach before you hear Katara yell something about food.

— insecurities (Colby Brock x reader)

You smile before walking towards the meeting room, a fake smile placed on your face. You smile before serving your food when you hear the door open. You look up to see Zuko standing there, watching everyone. You feel your body tense up before you frown, looking back down at your food.

You give him one look before you walk out of the room, heading to your room where you can lock the door. Girls like their space. Originally posted by kataara. I look toward the stage, watching as the actors start to come onto the stage, going on with the show.

I walk towards backstage to see the actors rushing about as they are preparing for me to come back. I chuckle before stopping one of them. She nods before walking out. You hear your messenger hawk come flying through the window when you see the note from Zuko. You smile before taking the note and reading it. How are you doing? You smile before pulling over your paper and ink, quickly writing a response back, watching as the hawk takes the note before you walk around your house.

You shake your head, not expecting any visitors to see Zuko standing there. You look at him before shaking your head, clearing your vision. You start to smile before leaning over to kiss his cheek. And I promise that those requests are coming! This scenario reader is female with the quirk of plant manipulation. Originally posted by iwillalwaysbelemillion. You run after the group ahead of you, not knowing where you were going despite having come into this building multiple times throughout your life.But I tried my best.

When they said it was an undercover mission, I assumed I would be giving advice whilst staying in the compound. Or in a dodgy van outside, but we never do that. Wanda had tagged along so she could get some stuff to help with her powers, but she left us a while ago.

I hate it. My boobs are being pushed sideways, my arse looks huge not in a flattering waymy knees look ever so slightly revolting and my stomach is ever so prominent in the tight fabric. Nat flings open the curtain and I nearly scream. I sigh before collapsing on the bench. I just look more binged up. I still hate how this makes me look.

A leather jacket is now on me, along with some heeled boots. I thought my insecurities had gone. And they had. Until I started dating Bucky. I look back at the mirror and realise that tears have started pouring down my face.

Time to suck it up. Bucky walks behind me and wraps his arms around me. But my therapist helped me with that. And I know one thing I definitely deserve. But I will always be here to tell you how fucking amazing you look. His hand slowly works its way to my bum.Originally posted by pandaanarchy.

I also spent 2 hours writing this crazy ikso I hope you guys like it. That was until your second year when Hermione Granger came into your life like a ray of sunshine brightening up the dark loneliness that had consumed you your first year. It almost felt like it had become a part of your daily routine for him to yell something degrading in the hallways, mostly directed at you or Hermione or whatever Gryffindor he felt like bullying that day.

Keep reading. Originally posted by crystelgreene. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Harry: yes i make bad decisions that put me in a lot of danger Hermione: but?

Dating Regulus Black would include Or that you spoke French! You always have to reassure him you love him. Sometimes the way that persuades him the most are the simple things you do. Has enough water? He also hates getting things. He eventually realizes that most people, unlike his parents, are caring and thoughtful.

hermione x reader

He gladly accepts presents after some time passes. He grew a certain fondness for homemade things, like sewn sweaters, cards, collages of pictures, etc.

Steamy times ahead You had your first time in 6th year. Nothing was planned you were both virgins. Did he just use you for sex?

A few days later, you got a letter from Sirius. You started questioning if you really knew your boyfriend at all. Aye, you! You were in the courtyard, reminiscing about your days at Hogwarts when you saw a big orange cat perched on a railing You automatically recognized it as the one you saw on the night Regulus saved you It was undoubtedly the cat you saw in the hallway that night And the more this cat stared at you The more you began to wonder.

Then the cat winked at you and lept down and rubbed at your feet. He seems lovely. Even though Ron would disagree. But what was his original name?I have 2 more Colby Brock stories coming up soon, probably by next week. Sorry my writing is awful in this, I hope you still enjoy! Dating Colby was a the best thing to ever happen to you.

He helped make you feel better about yourself. Before dating him, you were pretty insecure about multiple things. Why did he pick you? You had just woken up, and the other side of the bed was empty. When did Colby wake up? You had been living with Colby, Sam, Corey, Aron and Elton for about three months now, but you have been dating Colby for almost a year. You got out of bed and put on some comfy clothes. After using the bathroom. You go to the kitchen for breakfast.

He was standing by the sink on his phone. Have you seen Colby? You sat down by the pool and stuck your legs in while eating. The water was cool. It felt nice. You looked down at your legs. He came outside and sat down beside you. The day went by in a flash; you were so excited for dinner. It wasso you decided to start getting ready. First you did your makeup. For your hair you just curled it. Now for the outfit. You raided your closet for anything that would be good. Now, your options was a knee high black dress, or a tight red dress with lace detail on the sides.

You stood in the mirror, looking at yourself in only underwear and a bra. How could he like me? There were also your arms with too much chub, your thighs that touched a little too much, and your stomach that poked out in your dress.

Both dresses started to look awful.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

x reader insecure

We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! The Sorcerer Supreme is tasked with monitoring potential threats to the planet and the people who live on it - including beings like Loki. He hasn't looked at himself in the mirror in this form in a long time. It feels odd and Tony sees Loki's Jotun form when a battle goes wrong and Loki is certain it will ruin everything: their relationship, his happiness and Tony's desire for him. Unless, he can act fast.

He needs to convince Tony to forget what he's seen. Surely, he can salvage something? He just needs to help Tony find him attractive again.

Visibly annoyed, Loki watched as those girls asked Thor for a selfie. And at first he paid no mind to the small presence standing right next to them. Not until you had cleared your throat softly did he spare you a glance, surprised by seeing the awestruck smile on your face. Tony tracks down Loki after the guy disappeared on him without a word. Tony and Loki have become close friends after Thor brought a ship full of refugees to Earth. Will Tony accept?

After his encounter with the Hulk it gets clear pretty quickly that Loki wasn't the one behind the invasion. He ends up in a cell, anyway, at least until Tony Stark decides - more or less voluntarily - to take the Omega in. Tony knew that Loki was pretty picky about a lot of things, but the fact that Loki seemed to loath the colour blue hit him as strange.

x reader insecure

The problem is, Christine isn't all that receptive to the idea of being friends with the alien who invaded New York City. When Loki was cast down to Earth with an Infinity Stone in hand, he knew his plan would need to be clever.

It would take a pretty lie to fool the smartest Avenger— especially when Anthony knew him so very well. Tony shouldn't have been out in the forest alone. It wasn't because he should have feared the ' fearsome beast ', it was because he should never have trusted good weather. Except it wasn't a true growl, and Tony knew it. Of course he did. Or the night Tony knew he could never survive the Avengers PR gala with a mate that made it his mission to make him go crazy.

When Loki was told he would marry a mortal to better unite the realms, he was expecting an ignorant fool. He did not expect the bright and fiery Anthony Stark. Falling in the void of a mystic tunnel, from one glowy portal to another for thirty minutes straight certainly was the oddest way someone had ever gone about tickling Loki's fancy. Or the story of how Loki and Stephen went from carefully opening themselves to each other's gazes, to welcoming their son into the world.

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x reader insecure

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