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Available Namespaces. This endpoint is currently not linking out to an icon asset. We are working on resolving this, but do not have an ETA at this time. Not just a list of all random enchants, but that e.

Think of it like listing the chance bonus lists on retail. Now my guild can have some nice personalized info for our site! Thank you for those new API for Classic! Like Lenwe and Erorus i would like the realm list with login queue count and wait time.

I would absolutely love it if there was a statistics API for Classic. The more statistics data the better! These endpoints are not very useful. How about some live stats and data rather than basic static data reads? Those endpoints are actually very useful for item database websites, race and class details for tutorial sites, guild emblem online editor and many others.

I understand those endpoints are very limited compared to the retail version, but before criticizing the web API team it is important to understand the reason behind. I agree with Schiller. Blizzard is doing a great job with providing us new APIs for a lot of things. For free!

Please give us an API for guild info - would be great to have a list of my members. I really want to incorporate them into a Discord bot…. Blizzard, will there be any plan to expose the current community endpoints from retail such as the Auctions?

Would like to have this available. Is there any way to hit the classic realms from those endpoints or are they not agnostic? My users also require auction for the classics. Would be good to have an auction API in classic like in retail too.Join Now. Follow us:. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ. You have to register before you can post. Almost all ads disappear when you login.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread Tools. Hi Again MMOwned. I would like to start of saying what the hell this is. What this macro do, is that it will show the itemid of the item you link. If you etc. Or: Go to wowhead. Might be useful at some point. Thanks for the guide! Originally Posted by chaosrage. Shouldn't this be in Emu section? Since there are not many occasions where you would need it in retail. And if you should need itjust check wowhead.

I bet that this is kinda usefull on retail aswell.

wow classic item id

Originally Posted by Mortenmoulder. Originally Posted by brange. So goes pretty fast. But I can't find an occasion where you need to know the item id? May work for retail, cool.

But, what everyone here is trying to say is this, "Why would we need it on retail? Only instance when I could even think that you may want to know id is when you are PTR testing and find a bug with an item.

But, even then you can just click the little box on the bottom of the item for reporting bugs. Thank you so much for this been looking for ages for this thanks! This is useless in retail, WoWHead is all you need, also not that good for Private Servers because why on earth would you even want the item id? It brings you no use what-so-ever. On some private servers you are granted the ability to spawn items into your bags.

You can't just type in. But on servers like that you can also do. But ones with out that command, you can use his macro to find it so you can spawn yourself custom items and such. It is not useless in retail, wowhead doesn't have everything instantly. It took about a week for the 5 ring to show up there. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Replies: 13 Last Post:PM. Replies: 2 Last Post:PM.The WoW API is a set of functions to interact with and modify the World of Warcraft user interface available to addons and macro scripts.

The user interface code, also known as the FrameXML can be exported from the game client. Functions are prefixed with the following tags:.

Relates to the subscription Account. See also Battle. Achievements were added in Patch 3. The Adventure Guide was added in Patch 6. The Auction House was revamped in Patch 8. WoW Tokens were added in Patch 6. The Guild bank was added in Patch 2. Void Storage was added in Patch 4. The Calendar was added in Patch 3. Communities were added in Patch 8.

The Club Finder was added in Patch 8. Voice Chat was added in Patch 2. Relates to the Paper doll also known as Character sheet. The Equipment Manager was added in Patch 3. The Dressing room was added in Patch 1. Transmogrification was added in Patch 4. See also Appearances functions. The Barbershop was added in Patch 3. The Collections window was added in Patch 5.Useful macros Macro commands. This is the main reference for useful custom WoW Macros. See also User defined macros in Snippets and the useful Class macros in the 'nav bar' to the right.

See also Classic WoW Useful macros 1. Note: for new macros -- put candidates in the " New macros " section below here. Should be moved to a more specific section in " General macros ", or place on a class specific macro page, after others verify they work as intended. Old Macros here can be moved and retired to the " Old macros " section when days are done or replaced. I have spent a few hours trying several things because i have 2 of the same weapons, eventualy i found out it is actualy pretty simple and wondered why i didn't think of this earlyer.

I had alot of help through wowwiki so i thought i'd add my creation. Clicking this macro 2x wil Switch your offhand sword to your shield wich you placed in said bagslot, cast spell reflect, and switch your offhand weapon back.

Spell Reflection is a 5 second buff, wich means when you click it 2 times, you wil have the buff, and your offhand weapon back in your hand. The GCD can be annoying but Heroic Strike and Cleave can be used during a Gcd, so using this in combination with heroic strike means that you wont lose time, or dmg while casting spell reflect, perhaps an auto attack less. Trying to Swap and item for an item through macro While in Combat wil result into a bugged item, either your sword or your shield.

One button to link both of your professions to trade chat and guild chat. Just replace "Inscription" and "Enchanting" with your two professions. Also, trade chat is not necessarily always your number 2 channel.

Make sure you check it and adjust accordingly. Replace channel with guild to link it to your guild, or raid to link to raid chat. If your fishing set is equipped, click will cast Fishing, mod-click will equip the set fitting your current spec. Otherwise, mod-click will equip your fishing set, normal click will equip the spec-relevant set. Binding this macro to a button on your mouse will allow for easy one handed casting and reeling.

Not really all that happy with this macro, best I could come up with maybe some one can tweek it a bit. This macro works a little differently than some others, as it does not perform a change to your playstyle, but merely limits mouse clicks if desired and encourages coordinated assaults. This casts a spell or ability on a priority based target. If you are targetting an enemy, it will cast at your target; if you are targeting a friend who is attacking a mob, it will cast at their target; if you have no target, but your focus is a mob i.

This has been particularly useful for our guild, allowing us to easily coordinate assaults without the requirement for mad AoE damage. Our Off-tanks typically select the main tank as their focus, while our DPS ranged and melee select their particular tank or off tank.

When the focus changes targets, the DPS are immediately updated to the new target. Quite Handy! For soloing or special circumstances where each person needs their own target, the macros don't hinder us in anyway because it chooses OUR target first. This macro works like the above, save the order of priority is switched a little based on observed need. It can be used with a number of strategies, particularly when combined with the above macro. Priorities are as follows: If you are targeting a friendly, cast at them; if your target is targeting a friendly, cast at the friendly useful for quick adds and bosses with random targeting ; if your focus is targeting a friendly, cast at the friendly useful for bosses ; if your focus is friendly, cast at the focus; otherwise, cast at yourself.

Particular bonus when you are using the Multi-Purpose Attack Spell above, as it means you may keep the same person targeted for both healing and harming. You may also create awesome heal groups, for parties with weak AoE heals setting one person as the "main heal". These are just a couple of uses. There's a whole page dedicated to Mount Macros.An itemString is used to pass item information as a plain text string, and are used in item tooltips and itemLink hyperlinks.

Item strings consist of the string "item:" followed by 13 colon delimited numbers, which describe the item, its stats, and any enchantments or gems applied to the item. Adding of enchant, jewel, and bonus stat information to the tooltip appear to be handled on the client side with out any kind of validation.

By altering the item string in an item hyperlink you can add any enchant or any bonus stats to any item and still pass it to clients via chat, or display a tooltip for it.

The Item name must match that of the itemId combined with the suffix or you will be disconnected if you try to link the item to others.

wow classic item id

UniqueId contains information on the maker of a crafted item, number of charges or uses if applicable, or other information exclusive to one particular manifestation of an item. Items received from quests frequently have a UniqueId value, and occasionally dropped items have one as well. The numbers don't appear to hold any information in and of themselves, and are not consistent in any way across servers like EnchantIds and SecondaryIds.

The value appears to be a link to a database entry on the server or client that contains the unique information such as who made an item, which quest it came from, when the quest was delivered, who sold the item on the Auction House, etc. GMs would then be able to track an item should a petition about one be made. Addendum: In-game testing indicates that the UniqueId can change from the first loot to successive loots on the same item. To observe this behavior, Master Looter method was used, an item meeting the loot threshold found, and then the loot window closed without giving the item to a raid member.

WoW Item IDs

On re-opening the corpse, the value had changed. For example, on the first loot of Shimmering Trousers of the Eagle, the UniqueId value was 0x On successive loot attempts it was 0x Note that the low order bytes were maintained.

In at least a few observations, negative UniqueId values did not change in successive looting attempts. It seems to me that the high 16 bits are simply "random", i. Since WoW 2. This indicates a different way of calculating the stats bonuses is being used. Previous to WoW 2. This limited Blizzard's ability to arbitrarily add new items to the game, since the new data would need to be accompanied by a client patch if it's stats bonus did not already exist.

Post 2. If the suffixId is negative, it indicates that the suffix of the item is instead one of the new RandomSuffixes, and that the uniqueId will contain an embedded suffixFactor, which can be extracted via the following algorithm. To see how this suffixFactor gets applied to get the final stat bonuses, see the ItemRandomSuffix table.

If this was a one-time thing, we could have lived with item databases etc becoming slightly wobbly. But that's not the whole story. As soon as you place an item in mail, or AH, or a guild bank, it gets downgraded again.

So the uniqueIDs are no longer constant. Examples: cff1eff00 Hitem h[Crystalsong Bracelets of the Whale] h r cff1eff00 Hitem h[Crystalsong Bracelets of the Whale] h r. For added humor, note that GetItemCount and PickupItem will work on both the downgraded and upgraded itemStrings tested for items in bagsbut a SecureActionButton using the "target-item" attribute will only work if given the upgraded itemString.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?Anyone know how to do this? I had another one setup for pummel. Rage loss due to stance change, or gcd loss due to weapon switching.


Due to not having an interrupt in battle, you can end up with both penalties. However, this exceeded the character limit, so you need some creativity to consolidate it to fit into a macro, or utilize 2 macros and the bar switching. I tend to advise multiple macros to accomplish similar things. The id is in the url of an item when you look it up on wowhead:.


This is an effective way to swap identical items with different enchants too, if you equip item:id:enchantID. So you can have two of the same boots and one has mithril spurs and the other greater agility.

I know I had to lengthen that macro due to having multiples of the same item for smf fury, forcing me to use equipslot. You can drop everything relating to [ focus] from classic macros, as Focus as a UnitID does not exist in Classic. I have a macro for every warrior ability that requires a shield i. Shield Bash, Shield Block. I was trying RightActionBar2Button5. I confirmed the slot within the keybind menu and I even went as far as trying it in other slots incase there was a Button 0 that I was not taking into consideration.

Ya, I think you just have the wrong button name. Warrior macro help Classic. The id is in the url of an item when you look it up on wowhead: www. Short, sweet, and works! Thanks a million. Thank you old wise one. Is the click event not happening or do you have the wrong key? Would that potentially be an issue?

wow classic item id

Not an issue no, just get the correct button name and gg. Thank you for your time and help!See Item Object below. A real number between -1 and 1 specifying the minimum leverage for the rules discovered. An array of association rules discovered in the dataset. The total number of rules is less than or equal to k. See Rule Object below. Summary statistics about the discovered rules. These fields are documented in Numeric Field Summary. As in the numeric field summary, the presence of counts or bins depends on the number of distinct values.

For items derived from numeric fields represent number ranges, this is the numerical value where the bin ends for a particular item. It may be null when the range is open ended. Note that the bin is inclusive for regular items but exclusive for complementary items. For items derived from numeric fields represent number ranges, this is the numerical value where the bin starts for a particular item.

The zero-based item index in the list if the item has a complementary item associated. An array of zero-based item ids for the LHS of the rule. These ids represent the index of the item in the items list. A pair with coverage for the items in the LHS of the rule expressed as a proportion of total instances, and absolute number of counts.

A real number between 0 and 1 representing the p-value for the rule. An array of zero-based item ids for the RHS of the rule. A pair with coverage for the items in the RHS of the rule expressed as a proportion of total instances, and absolute number of counts. A pair with support for the items in the RHS of the rule expressed as a proportion of total instances, and absolute number of counts.

A status code that reflects the status of the association creation. See n-gram for more information. Example: true category optional The category that best describes the topic model.

Specifies the fields that won't be included in the topic model. Example: "MySample" tags optional A list of strings that help classify and index your topic model.

This will be 201 upon successful creation of the topic model and 200 afterwards. Make sure that you check the code that comes with the status attribute to make sure that the topic model creation has been completed without errors. This is the date and time in which the topic model was created with microsecond precision. True when the topic model has been built in development mode. The list of fields's ids that were excluded to build the topic model.

The list of input fields' ids used to build the topic model. In a future version, you will be able to share topic models with other co-workers or, if desired, make them publicly available. Whether to include a contiguous sequence of two items from a given sequence of text. Only the names of the topics can be updated. If ommitted, both damped and non-damped trends will be tried and the best models returned.

If it is omitted, then the missing values are filled via spline interpolation before fitting. Example: "median" description optional A description of the time series up to 8192 characters long.

Example: "This is a description of my new time series" error optional Any of the following values to specify types of ETS models: 1 (additive), 2 (multiplicative). Multiplicative error models are only available when the objective field has strictly positive values (greater than 0).

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