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There are many different kinds of soap in the world and most of them have one major thing in common: They can make bubbles. When you amass a bunch of tiny bubbles together, we call it foam or lather. It doesn't matter if you're talking about bar soap, shampoo, dish soap or laundry detergent -- the same thing happens when you mix any of them with air and water.

Understanding why this happens is the key to understanding how soap works. The simple explanation for why certain soaps foam is that these soaps contain chemicals called foaming agents. Common foaming agents used in consumer products are the chemicals ammonium lauryl sulfate and -- even more common -- sodium dodecyl sulfate sometimes referred to as sodium laureth sulfate [sources: FieldsRosen ].

Beyond acting as foaming agents, these ingredients also function as surfactants. A surfactant acts to reduce the surface tension of water, and it can break up oil or sebum on the skin, allowing the dirt to be washed away.

To understand exactly how the bubbles form, though, requires a slightly more complicated explanation. Consider a glass of water. Think of it like a big party where everyone really likes each other. Inside the glass, all of the water molecules are grouped together because they're equally attracted to each other. The molecules at the surface, however, are at the edge of the party. They don't have any molecules above them to hang with, so they hold on tight to the molecules at their sides.

why is ivory soap so cheap

The result is surface tension. Soap molecules are zao app english download apk people, too - but they're not like water molecules, they like to mingle.

On one end, they're attracted to water. But the other end is attracted to air and the stuff that makes us dirty like oil, grease and grime. So when you put soap in water, the ends paintings the soap molecules that are attracted to it latch on right away and the other ends stick straight up in the air. Any soap molecules trapped underneath will fight their way to the surface and eventually you end up with three layers: a layer of soap molecules, a layer of water and another layer of soap molecules pushing themselves away from the main body of water underneath.

These three layers form the wall of a bubble [source: Gruner ]. When this happens quickly, you end up with a bunch of tiny bubbles, also known as foam. The different ends of soap molecules are also what make soap so good at cleaning.

The best cleansing secret out there?! A little bar of ivory soap!

As you learned earlier, when you mix creepy things siri says with water, it lowers the surface tension of the water by separating the water molecules, as the soap molecules push up between them. Meanwhile, the other ends of the soap molecules that are attracted to dirt grab on to it. As multiple soap molecules attach themselves to the same piece of dirt, they eventually break it down into tiny particles, which then can easily be washed away [source: Stenesh ].

Is a daily shower too much for your skin? See more pictures of unusual skin care ingredients. Is the sodium lauryl sulfate in my shampoo killing me? Field, Simon Q. September 1, What is pure soap the ingredient? Does that mean babies can use it? Probably not because when I get it in my eye it stings!

Any way tell me more about Ivory, it's cheap, but makes great suds, why is it so cheap, i like it, and think it works great! What do u think? What is ur favorite soap and why? Check out this website. I love Ivory soap.

Will Proctor & Gamble sink Ivory soap?

That is all I use to use growning up at home. I am now a Dial body wah girl, only because I have buy it at bulk at costco! Ivory is cheap because the company can make a good profit by selling it at the price they sell it for.

There's no other reason ANY product is priced where it's priced. No company is in the business of saving its customers money - ALL businesses are in the business of making the most profit they can. Story I got was that the inventor of Ivory got tried of losing his soap on the the bottom of the tub, So he found a way to add enough air the soap to make it float!

The Ivory soap bar classic had contained: sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate or sodium palm kernelate, water, sodium chloride, sodium silicate, magnesium sulfate, and fragrance. Basically, soaps are Animal Fat, Lye, and Perfume These chemicals are variations of those ingredients Pure meant that the lard or fat had been "cleaned of impurities" I like dove cause it makes my skin soft and smells good.

And I know there is animal lard in ivory. Im not sure what else. Personally I hate Ivory. If you want to modify your lifestyle, really feel better and at the same time get rid of the bad problem with the acne The goal of this guidebook is to provide you with a holistic acne treatment plan for solving the internal problems responsible for your acne.

Answer Save. Favorite Answer. How Pure Is Ivory Soap. I use Ivory - it works, and that's all I want. Jennifer Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Antonio D Lv 6. You tell me. I like Dove Good Luck Take Care.

Millie Lv 4. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Okay, this is one of those silly little questions that's been stuck at the back of my head for years. Those Ivory soap ads always call it " They never specify. Any ideas? Didnt you see fight club? Pure human fat. Pure ass. It smells like someone puked and then dropped into a bucket of pine-sol. It's ivory from pure African Elephant tusks WTF is with that stuff?

Soap is supposed to smell Wasn't it the first bar of soap that would float when dropped in water? Prior to it all bars of soap sank. I believe it's actually The soap is whipped until it's nice and frothy, then pressed into bars.

The air is what makes it float. Actually I read somewhere,that ivory used to sink Ivory has to be the worst soap on the market. Mm, I love Ivory soap. That shit is harsh and it doesn't smell like a French Whore. Yeah, I'm obsessive-compulsive, what's it to you? Ivory is the the last 'soap' on the market today. The other 'soaps' on the market are detergent based soaps. Ivory is a lye based soap, and is the only lye based soap on the market today. The reason that most manufacturers have moved away from lye based soaps and toward detergent soaps is because hard water will cause soap to leave a flim behind of the hydrophillic part of soap and the ions in water.

why is ivory soap so cheap

This film is hard to remove. Detergeant soaps dont leave a film behind, even in hard water, and will work for most people. Put a bit of ivory in both. The distilled water will become sudsy, and the hard water will not. Now take detergeant soap, and repeat. When I got hooked up with my sleep machine the thing that keeps me breathing at nightthe tech fitting me out with the mask specifically instructed me to clean the plastic parts of the mask and tubing with Ivory soap, and then soak in dilluted vinegar to disinfect.

Other types of soap will gradually break down the thin medicial-grade plastic used in the mask, while Ivory won't.

Gee whiz, I didn't expect so many responses so quickly.

Ivory (soap)

But I agree, it's a mite too hard for use as a body or facial soap. And yes, I did watch "Fight Club" have it on DVD, as a matter of factbut that's the super-expensive facial soap sold at Nordstrom's. Considering how cheap Ivory is, I wouldn't be surprised if it's tallow. There was an interesting article in Discover a couple months ago about the myriad uses for cow parts.It made my face more oily and I developed cystic acne. Plus stop telling kids who develop teenage acne to use this at least tell them to use aveeno soap or a cleansing gel this is terrible for acne prone people especially teenage acne.

This also does not help with my body acne either. Love Ivory! A lot of reviewers complain about a fragrance in this but I haven't noticed a scent at all.

I used to use the liquid body wash version of this but found this is more economical as well. This is so far the best soap I ever ever used on my face is so health and great for the face I would recommend this if u have acne and pores also if u get pimples a lot. I never had acne during puberty like the other kids. I never would of known it was the soap unless I had stopped using it when I got older basically because I hated the way the smell reminded me of my Mom.

After spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on products for acne I decided to try and see if it was good ol Ivory that had my face so clear when I was a kid. This 54 year old would like to Thank you Ivory! Nothing special just your regular drying bar of soap! Use to use this all the time as a kid in the bath???????? Ivory soap dries out my skin. I have sensitive skin and I find the scent too irritating. I've switched from Dove to Ivory. It smells so fresh and keeps my face clear without drying it out.

A lot of people have said it is drying but I don't find it any more drying than Dove. My face broke out one day after using a different soap and I used Ivory that night and woke up without any acne. Im trying out ivory and ivory with aloe and so far the regular ivory dries my face and leaves red patches on my cheeks but for my body its good i like how it lathers and has a clean feel.

I like the ivory with aloe even more for my body. I get very itchy and ivory with aloe calmed that issue for me. I haven't used that one on my face yet though. I used to use olay bar soap for my face it was good but drying so now im trying out kirks castile soap and ivory for my face and so far kirks castile is winning.

Both are drying but ivory dries my face more and kirks lathers with ease so face wise its kirks and body wise i think ill go stock up on ivory because its something about the bars that i like maybe the light airiness and the rich lather in the shower idk but it is a soap i overlooked all these years but its cheap price wise and good quality. I really like this soap.

I've been using it for a year and switched to this because Cetaphil made my skin flake. I looked like I had dandruff on my face, but now my skin is back to normal. Ivory is cheap and I find that it cleanses my skin very well. I used for many years switched to Dove last year now going back to Ivory my skin on my face feels horrible now and Ivory did not do that at all.

Great product for my 69 yr old face. Never switching again. Ivory Soap. Write Review. More reviews, photos and discussions for Unlisted Brand Reviews. Medium Brown Skin Type Very Dry Very Oily Normal Hair TypeAfter any applicable discounts are applied. I'm expecting a delivery from elf, and I am astonished at how cheap it is! I bought loads of stuff, mostly just to try out. I'm quite excited about the conceal and liner seal where you mix any eyeshadow with the liner brush!

I thought I'd try it because I've got lots of colours that go untouched because I can't do an everyday look with them. So I thought if I could create a liner with vibrant purples, pinks, orange etc. I do currently cover MACs power kohl eyeliner with greens, blues and purples and it works well but, of course, the colour becomes darker. And eyeshadow alone, even wet, just won't stay on.

I got the free gift, the 6 to go palette, too. Lots of colours to add to my collection. I love love love free gifts. Even if I don't use them I'm happy! I got myself some toned down nail colours to try out, because usually I keep my nails bare. I only do dramatic on rare occasions!

I did also get melon because it looks delicious : And I'm trying the cuticle pen too. I got some of the facial whip and colour stick to try out as highlights. I currently use something by Soap and Glory, I think its supposed to be a concealer or something but it's soooo sparkly!

It's a golden tone, and I'm trying out spotlight a white sparkle, and a lilac tone one- I can't remember the name. I needed a setting powder, after finishing of Urban Decay's Razor Sharp Finishing Powder, which I like lots but I don't like the applicator, so I resorted to using a brush anyway. So worth a try, I thought.

I also thought I'd try mineral eyeshadows because I run out of neutral eyeshadows so quickly. I got enchanting, a matte browny colour and the mineral eye brightener. I got myself a little cheap brightening eye palette, in ethereal, another light and neutral.I discovered something I thought I'd share, since it might have practical use for Bear dens working on Whittlin' Chip. For eons, Ivory soap it's cheap, and you can always keep the "shavings" to reuse in your household has been a common first medium.

When I taught a den, I'd grabbed a couple of really old bars of Ivory we had in the back of a closet, to go with another half-dozen I'd bought. The discovery I made is that the older soap had dried out, while the newer stuff was very soft, kind of moist actually, and fell apart easily.

The older soap was far better for whittling -- you could make controlled cuts much more easily. So I checked with one of my oldest friends an Eagle from my old troop. He said, "right -- that's exactly why my mom would unwrap bars of new soap and let them sit for a few weeks before we'd use them. Otherwise, she said, the soap disappeared too quickly. Glad to know that! He's whittled three of them down already.

Made an arrow head, a Camaro I think! I thought the soap kinda crumbled away too easily, but we also just opened them up and started carving away I mean whittling away! Incidentally, my 9 year old son spent more time around soap yesterday than he has in his entire life! This message has been edited by scoutfish. I suppose the funny thing was is that I took the old dried-out bar myself and couldn't figure out why everyone else had a crumbly time, but mine was easy to carve.

Then I figured it out. I had some one donate several bars of cheap soap to the cause. Cleaned out family's closet I also bought Ivory since there weren't enough for our den. The cheap soap was hard and not very easy to work with. My son asked for another bar because he messed up.

He cut his finger because it was like going from wood to butter. Irishspring works well too. It's a bit firmer out of the wrapper. That's what our summer camp uses. I prefer the scent of ivory though. Thanks for the tip.

I've always had problems with the bars crumbling.Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More Rules New Posts. Next Last. I've been using Jergens bar soap for close to 20 years.

But it's not the first time they've run out of stock. Usually a few weeks later the shelves are stocked full again. But this time a few too many weeks past So I asked a Shoppers Drug Mart customer service rep in store to check when they expect more in.

He came out 5 minutes later saying "I'm sorry sir, look like its been discontinued" My first thought "why would shoppers discontinue it? So I emailed Jergens. Great product! But recently I've been having trouble finding it in retailers in Toronto. Can you please tell me where I can get it or when it will be back in stock?

The Mild Soap you have contacted us about has been discontinued due to low sales. We have no stock and at this time we do not have a replacement. Our company's goal is to provide consumers with a variety of products to meet their needs and preferences. Consumer demand is a major factor, and when the level of demand is insufficient, stores are not likely to carry the product so we usually have to channel our activities to products that can still be provided to you on an ongoing basis.

We do regret taking away one of your favorite products and we hope you will continue to turn to our company for your personal care needs. After 20 years of using the same soap And like I said earlier Over the years I regularly found it out of stock at major retailers and had to wait I have trouble with their statement "level of demand is insufficient" And I guess I can't make them make the soap. This bring me to my question Does anyone have suggestions for similar or good alternates to Jergens bar soap?

It still can be found on Amazon by far. And Amazon sellers will run out since the manufacturer confirmed they do not make it anymore I did order some on Amazon to get me by for now. But time is almost up. Gee, that's a bummer, it has been our fave, too. I should have about eight bars left. I guess I would go back to Ivory.

I like Dove, but the bar gets too soft. Letting it sit in water will turn it into soup. But since I can barley remember what happened last week Bar soap has been a shrinking category for years as liquid soap and body wash expanded. These days I suggest you don't get used to any bar soap brand as the category could further shrink.

why is ivory soap so cheap

For now I'd look for Dove.

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