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Umidigi S5 Pro is a new smartphone with a high price-performance ratio, and there have been rumors of its configuration and pictures. Recently, it has been announced that its beautiful display design and parameter requirements look better than Huawei P40 Professional Edition.

Following the launch of the flagships of Huawei and Xiaomi, Umidigi is centered around its new high-end S-series smartphones. The Umidigi S5 Pro will be equipped with some top-notch features, which we explain in detail below.

Without any hole punching or water drop notch like Huawei P40 Pro, Umidigi S5 Pro will bring a pop-up camera that provides a smooth user experience without any problems. In the recent trailer from the company, the smartphone will provide a high-quality display experience.

The rear camera of the UMIDIGI S5 Pro consists of a matrix camera that includes a megapixel main sensor, a megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, a 5-megapixel macro lens, and a 5-megapixel depth lens.

It also has a 3D curved glass panel that you often see on premium smartphones. Rumors negate the fingerprint sensor on the side, Umidigi prompts the phone to carry a regular-sized power button in a new tease, confirming the presence of a multimedia fingerprint sensor on UMIDIGI S5 Pro. This will be a good addition and enhance the user experience. Currently the Umidigi S5 Pro is not available for global market and is only available on Chinese platform.

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The TechBone-team and the community will answer you shortly! Looking for Manuals for Umidigi?

The Umidigi A3 screen wont turn on anymore

Choose your Umidigi-device and download the manual as a pdf in english if available. Here you will find all products from Umidigi in chronological order that we have in our database.

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Umidigi User manuals Looking for Manuals for Umidigi? Choose your Umidigi-device and download the manual as a pdf in english if available Choose your device. Products Here you will find all products from Umidigi in chronological order that we have in our database.

Umidigi helping community Do you have a question to your Umidigi -device? Umidigi - Questions This are the questions that were already asked about Umidigi. Umidigi A3 Pro - Can't answer calls when I swipe up. Hi when I get a call on unoriginal a3 pro Android 9 phone I try to swipe icon up and it won't work??? Can't answer calls. Umidigi S3 Pro - How do I turn on my phone without the power button My phone shut down and I can't turn it on because my power button is broken, I've tried going into recovery mode but it requires you to use the I have rebooted severalA few smartphones available in the market are really amazing.

If you have explored much about these gadgets, the right time to do so is now. This is because smartphones have achieved every level of success. The manufacturers have designed them to perform a lot of tasks easily. If you are looking for a cool option, Umidigi Power is the one you should go ahead with.

This is the best available smartphone that comes with some unique features and the best hardware configuration.

Common Umidigi Power Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

In case the transaction has already been made by you and is facing the common Umidigi Power problems, this post is exactly for you. Check the solutions that work best against these problems. You simply need to keep this thing in your mind that common problems do occur due to any of the random reasons. It actually depends on the users. By paying factors to some basic factors, it is possible for the users to simply deal with these common issues. This is necessary to add years to the life of your gadget.

Some problems are also associated with the Android bugs and they need to be fixed in the same manner as others. This post guides you on everything and lets you avoid all the common problems in Umidigi Power in no time. Here are more details. Not fixing all the problems needs specialization. A few of them can easily be fixed by taking into account some basic information regarding your phone.

This post is all about the same. You can fix the problem easily with this guide. However, it is always suggested to you to apply the methods which you read in this post in its present form only. Molding may cause additional problems and you can end up facing other problems. Here are the solutions to the common Umidigi Power problems. This helps you to fix all the common Umidigi Power problems in your device.

You can share your experience with us simply by posting a comment on the below section. The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific. Similarly, writing is not what it seems. It was June when pounding in my heart said to me to be a writer. It happened after a Solo Trip to North India. My journey of writing commenced with this and that, here and there. I wrote for book publishers, journals, newspapers and online blogs.At first I was in love with my Umidigi Z2 Pro.

Reasonably priced, it has a sleek look, ceramic back, curved edges with a real decent display. Fit's in my hand nicely. It screamed "Look at me, I'm Gorgeous! No bloatware! I was hooked. But like any honeymoon, reality of my choice set in. Camera was a disappointment and the speakers, well only one of them works. Fingerprint reader while well placed, was it or miss. OK, it has some quirks, I can live with it.

Then I noticed my friends could make calls and attach to wireless networks in places I couldn't. Not even close. I was embarrassed. The most fundamental function of the phone is to connect to the nearest cell tower. Right behind that is the ability to connect to the closest wireless access point.

umidigi screen problems

It does neither very well. Physical design is lovely and gets high marks but really, once you really get to know it, the honeymoon is over. Saving up money to buy an affordable used "real" phone. Umidigi company makes devices affordable to almost everyone with good sense of integrity I just love umidigi. The A3 is a great phone I intend to continue with the Umidigi brand I owned an Umidigi smartphone and it was an amazing surprise.

Handy guide to fix all UMI TOUCH smartphone issues

Overview Reviews About. Write a review. Filter by:. Good design small price. I Loved It. My Umidigi Z2 Pro - Honeymoon over. I need to do it. Very stylish and elegant smart phones. Good phone at low price. Best product. On top Keep the great products coming. Awesome phones.

Hoping to win.Here you can get all Umidigi A3 Secret Codes and hidden menu. These codes will help you to know Android device information, test phone software, test mobile hardware and reset your device, etc. Secret Codes are codes that can access hidden or secret menu such as display device information, testing hardware, and software, etc. These codes help you to speed up the process.

Umidigi one screen problem

Checkout this guide Android Secret Codes. This universal code works on any Android or any other phone. If your phone has 2 sims, you will see 2 IMEI numbers on the mobile screen. This code will display information like battery info and Wi-Fi information etc of your Umidigi phone.

You can test your Umidigi Android phone software features with this code. Tests include autoTest, version info, keypad and vibratory, LCD, touch panel, main camera, and front camera, and light test, etc. Checkout this guide about Android Secret Menu.

umidigi screen problems

You can get your Umidigi phone software information with these codes. Before dial, read the description carefully to prevent any problems. These codes will help you test your Umidigi phone hardware. These codes help you reset or wipe all data on your phone.

Make sure to back up all data before dialing these codes. This code shows all google play related information like device id, last ping, connections limit, network type, and network id, etc. Table of Contents. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Umidigi A1 Pro Secret Codes. Umidigi A3 Pro Secret Codes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Staying away from something for a long time period often make us miss the same a lot. This is also true in case of smartphones.

Well, the actual fact is no one can truly stay away from them for a long time. This is mainly because of the reason that we have made our life largely dependent on these gadgets.

There are certain features we access on regular basis that perform a ton of tasks related to our routines. In addition to this, smartphones entertain us and enable us to stay connected to the world.

In the present time, many new smartphones have come to the market and all of them are getting a lot of attention. This is because of having something unique and new in every model. This post is about the common problems in Umidigi F2. One fact is users are spending a lot of money to access all those latest features.

On the other side, there are manufacturers which are enabling users to access all the modern features without paying a lot of money and Umidigi is obviously one among them. Well, if you think these issues are complex and can be a reason to avoid this smartphone, you are probably wrong here. Common problems are present in almost every smartphone and they usually arrive at different stages.

In most of the cases they are related to the software domain and can easily be fixed. You only need to follow this guide for the same and these issues are present due to very basic reasons. Before exploring the solutions, let us know something useful about common problems in Umidigi F2. When users try to deal with common problems present in a smartphone, they have to face various challenges in case they lack with the basic knowledge about the working of a smartphone.

Thus, we strictly recommend our users to boost the same and apply the various methods listed in this post thereafter. This is exactly what that makes sure of favorable outcomes. It is also true that users often made various mistakes at different stages while applying the solutions. At any stage, you must avoid doing something about which you have no idea.

umidigi screen problems

This is exactly what that can be a reason your smartphone can fail to perform other tasks as well. We at www. Check the solutions to the common problems in Umidigi F2 now. The methods listed above simply promise to deal with all the common problems in Umidigi F2.

However, at any stage if you are unable to deal with the same, we recommend them to get your device checked at any of the nearby authorized Umidigi store or approach for the online official support. If you have anything else to know about common problems in Umidigi F2, you can post a comment on the below section with your query.

We will be answering them soon. Keep visiting www. For more info, Please read our privacy policy before submitting your comment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. In most of the cases, this happens due to a weak Bluetooth connection.

Keep the devices as close as possible Verify if the data you are receiving or sending is supported by your device or the other. If not, the same can be a reason to this problem Clearing the cache data of the phone can probably eliminate this problem.Jan 12, UmidigiUmidigi A3. When this happens, it is very irritating because without a screen, the Umidigi A3 is unusable.

So that is the sort of problem that needs to be resolved quite quickly. To help you and to fix your screen, we decided to draft this article.

umidigi screen problems

We will 1st see what you need to control if the screen of your Umidigi A3 does not work anymore. We will see secondly what may be the causes of this problem.

We recommend you to check that your Umidigi A3 is well loaded. Indeed, it at times happens that a mobile phone is discharged at once, without being seen coming. If the screen still does not work, go to the next step. Sometimes it takes a forced start to your Umidigi A3 for the screen to work. If you desire to do a forced restart, you should do one of the following two maneuvers:. Once it is done, your Umidigi A3 will restart. You will be able to see if perhaps the screen starts walking again or not.

If it is not, go to the next section. It truly is necessary to find out if it is the Umidigi A3 screen that does not work anymore. Indeed, it is additionally possible that the issue comes on the other hand. In order to verify if perhaps the screen is dysfunctional, we invite you to restart your Umidigi A3. When it starts, you have to feel a vibration, hear a sound or the led Umidigi A3 should come on.

In the event you do not see any of these situations, it implies that the problem does not necessarily result from the screen. In the event that the previous step allowed you to confirm that it is the Umidigi A3 screen that does not work, it implies that it is a hardware problem.

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