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Smart Fortwo owners have reported 10 problems related to transmission not go into gear under the power train category. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Smart Fortwo based on all problems reported for the Fortwo.

I bought the car and less than two weeks the transmission went there was flashing and beeping and the car would not go into gear. I bought a and in there was a recall on that model for that transmission problem sometimes the car won't start sometimes now and the hood latch is broken.

See all problems of the Smart Fortwo. First start of the day it will not shift into r or d. It will show p and n when you shift but it will not go into gear for reverse or drive. You have to restart the car several times to get it to shift. Just spoke with Smart car on the phone and they deny knowing anything about it. However searching the web you will see its very common.

Its a factory defect that Smart car is denying. Know issue with transmission. Will not go into reverse half the time. Making it dangerous if needed quickly. Parallel parking on a busy street, the car would not go into reverse, holding up traffic for a very long time. Having to push it into the spot!

smart car reset gearbox

But that should be a recall because that is their problem. Many people have had the same issue. Driving down the highway at 70mph and the car instantly starts flashing neutral and beeping. Car slows and will not go into gear. We need this car to be recalled!. The Smart car, has been consistently, shifting into neutral, while driving, usually, when entering, or exiting a highway, or at an intersection speed changes.

The car shifts into neutral, and then usually shuts down, causing the vehicle to be rear ended, from unsuspecting drivers behind this vehicle. The problem started when the car, would not shift into reverse, while parked. Smart offered a software fix, to address that issue. Had that done, then problem progressed, to shifting to neutral while driving, and stalling out. At times car, would restart, but it would not shift into gear, indicating only a flashing neutral position.

At times, car would not start at all, because would not know what gear it was in.

smart car reset gearbox

If waited minutes, or several hours, it might restart, and shift, for a short period, before it did the same thing again. Apparently it's a common problem, with the Smart car forums, full of complaints, about the year, with Smart CO. There should definitely be a recall for the Smart car, model year, before someone is killed, entering, exiting a highway, at a railroad crossing, or at an intersection, where the car, shifts into neutral, won't shift out, and shuts off.

Thank you.As we know, we have spent the last couple of decades and more putting more and more electronics into our automobiles. From an embedded software perspective this should all be good news i. A dead car with disconnected battery is not an attractive option for a thief it appears, the car sat like this for two weeks untouched.

What is gut wrenching is that the fix was so simple, but I was not offered the option for a simple quick reboot. After many web searches and Facebook discussion exchanges thank you everyone! Our saviour in this car was the Smart Clinic in Harrow. You forgot to provide an Email Address. This email address is already registered. Please login. You have exceeded the maximum character limit. Please provide a Corporate E-mail Address.

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How to reboot a Smart Car software system

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IT managers must account for any new hardware, Server hardware has consistently evolved since the s.Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Smart car owners gearbox help. Paddymcc Original Poster posts months. Just picked up a smart fortwo and I haven't got a clue how the automatic mode on gearbox works. It will change down the gears itself and if I rev it out it will change up, but doesn't seem to want to change gear like a normal automatic at sensible revs meaning I have to push the gear stick up to change up.

Is there a button somewhere I'm missing or is this how the box works on the pure model? Mr2Mike 20, posts months. Justayellowbadge 37, posts months.

Mine was a passion, but the box was by no means the best bit. I never used it in full auto. General Zod posts 83 months. Sounds broken. Gearboxes are pish, but not that pish. Pdelamare posts 80 months. Have you actually put it into automatic mode by pushing the button on the side of the gearknob? There should be an A in the middle of the dashboard, in manual mode you'll get a gear position number.

I only ever use manual mode as the auto mode is s t. Nigel Worc's 7, posts months. We've had three, and all have been as described by others on this thread. After a bit of digging around on the smart car website ive found out the gear box is: softip: manual gear shifting. Change gears comfortably without any clutchwork by lightly tapping the shift lever. Most pure models don't have the button for soft tip auto so you have to change up with the lever.

smart car reset gearbox

All you need is the lever with the button on it and a software update.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Smart fortwo tiptronic gearbox problems. I would rather have some background information before taking it to the garage. Is anyone able to help please? Thanks very much, Tim. Possibly the clutch actuator needs lubing? Moved to the correct section for you. Sensible mode deactivated, back in a Roadster 1.

I've not heard of it before. I'd recommend taking it to a smart garage though. Neglect and no oil in the box is all I can think of. Problems with clutch actuator or gear change motor will not be limited to particular gears. Have added a few pics for your ready reference:. Steelrose Guest. Is there anything I can do besides call a tow truck and mechanic to get it back in neutral to get it to start and get it out of first gear?

I am desperate. I have to go to the hospital tomorrow and need my car. Thanks Steelrose. Originally Posted by Steelrose. When we got out at the shopping center it was all good. I will try that in the morning and if not will get our mechanic to change out the switch. I know strange names but was the first names that suited.Started by quirky1September 12, The procedure for teaching-in the transmission appears on page 87 of the Operator's Manual. It does not mention anything about having to manually move through the gear positions as suggested in some forums.

Is the manual wrong? If so, how should the procedure be amended to include the manual gear selection? I really dont think that shifting all the gear help teach-in or reset the trans. But maybe it could be a way of putting back the gear in the right place?

My operator's manual does not have anything on teaching-in the transmission page 87 relates to the rear latchI have a in Canada. Can you provide more information please? My manual is Edition B ; this appears to the right of the barcode on the back of the manual.

The procedure appears as follows:. Three bars instead of P appear in the multifunction display. The transmission is taught in. Apparently, at times the computer gets confused as to which gear it's in. This condition is indicated by three horizontal bars in the multifunction display.

The teach-in procedure is required to resync the computer. I guess what I mean is, is it a homing routine? AFAIK the uses a pot for the encoder on the gear selector drum, so it's effectivley like an absolute encoder can't lose it's position. Not sure why it's a step backward on the new car? It seems strange that they would choose to publish a procedure in the manual for a known problem that has to be carried out by the driver rather than to fix the problem through a design change.

About a year ago I had a dead battery and called my auto club for a jump start. Once connected to reliable power the car started right up, but displayed the 3-bars.

Thankfully I remembered the reset procedure and gave it a try. It worked and gear selection returned to normal. In this case loss of power was the cause of gear selection confusion. Reset after 3 horizontal bars appear instead of selected gear.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Procedure for Teaching-In the Transmission.

Smart car owners gearbox help

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. What does this procedure do? Which procedure did you follow to reset the condition? Thanks, saronian. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.Commonly reffered to as 'The 3 bars', three horizontal lines appear in the gear display.

This indicates a shifting system fault, or a gearbox malfunction. It can be caused by anything from a sticking gear, to a sensor spike. If this fails you may want to look at the following possible resolutions. Put the car in what would normally be 'reverse', and leave the handbrake off. You may hear it finally drop into gear, or the car will suddenly start beeping as the gear selects gear '0'.

When you next press the brake, or move the lever, it should now function correctly. The second option to look at is the gear position sensor. You can remove the wheel for more access.

Firstly, check the cables are not chaffing or worn. If they're okay, then you can remove the gear selector using an E10 socket. The other option for you to try is to remove the gear selector motor. Put the car into what should be 'neutral'. Sometimes the gearbox can 'stick' in gear, jamming the motor. This motor will rarely fail in it's job, so you should be able to remove the motor and hear the gears 'spring' back to neutral. You can now refit the motor.

Should the problem come back, or be worse in wet weather, it is worth checking the wiring loom that passes between the plastic intercooler scoop and the gear selector motor. The wiring is quite often not run in the correct way and consequently gets 'sawn' through by the intercooler. The following image shows what can happen click to enlarge :.

When this happened to one of our cars, we found it easier to unplug the loom from all the gearbox connectors and pull it back through above the engine.Remember Me? Racing Club Advanced Search. Forum fortwo model to fortwo - Technical Queries 3 lines on dashboard.

How to check gearbox oil level on your smart car

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: 3 lines on dashboard. Join Date Mar Posts 4. Drove to work this morning and half way through the journey the same thing happened!!! When the breakdown cover arrived they mentioned something about a Smart Car software update for the gear box!?

I have tried to research this and nothing comes up - someone please help!? I am at a loss as to what to do, we took it back to the garage and they were adamant it was a new switch which they installed and therefore that would not be causing the issue!!

I am lost without my car!!! Re: 3 lines on dashboard H'okay. Smart specialist or merc? If not, their software won't have been able to accurately diagnose - Where are you based? Again, needs a smart specialist. It's a fortwo, not fourtwo, that doesn't make any sense!

How to reboot a Smart Car software system

I am based in Saltdean, had it towed back to the Merc garage in Brighton and they are going to run some tests to see what the issue is. I am wondering what sort of price I am looking at to get this dreaded problem fixed!

Thanks for your reply! Re: 3 lines on dashboard At Merc, it will be extortionate just for the diagnosis!

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