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These carbines were designed for military and law enforcement application in the hands of skilled operators. Later these firearms saw commercial success in semi-auto, inch barreled civilian configurations mostly for collectors and recreational shooters. These guns retained their heavy, stiff and gritty triggers from their original full-auto design. So much so, most competitive organizations created whole new pistol caliber specific divisions.

What resulted was an easy to handle rifle with a very small learning curve for the majority of shooters who were already well versed on the AR platform. With a few modifications, the most popular being from the weapon wizards over at Taran Tactical Innovations, the MPX was ready for the new pistol caliber carbine competitions.

This gave the MPX shooters a distinct advantage over other rifles that operated on direct blowback operation both in reliability and recoil. I reached out to SIG and arranged to have a sample sent for testing. A few weeks later, I got a call from Preston at Legion Defense Industries confirming the rifle was ready for pick up along with a couple hundred rounds of SIG ammo to try out.

Trust me, I double checked, only one magazine. As I removed the rifle and opened the action, oil literally dripped from it. To keep everything well lubed for shipping, the bolt was heavily coated with some sort of gun oil which managed to find its way everywhere through the rifle.

I immediately broke the gun down and wiped it down to remove oil out of the barrel and excess from the action. For competition, every inch counts when the scores are tallied at the end of the run.

Replacing the flash hider was a true 3 chamber brake which extended the reach of the rifle overall. I was eager to see if the extra length of the brake would be worth the addition when it came time to run the rifle for speed and accuracy.

When the upper and lower are separated, the rail easily slips forward and off the rifle for easy access to the barrel and barrel nut. The rail itself gave the rifle a sleek look and great overall feel when handling it.

King of the PCC’s – SIG’s MPX (New Model Review)

The only built in Picatinny rails were located on top in two spots. One section near the receiver and one at the muzzle end for mounting an optional front iron sight. The rest was smooth for an easy grip on the rifle.

All four sides offered the spaces for mounting plenty of additional accessories such as lights or lasers. It should be noted the original MPX design had a quickly outdated key-mod rail.

If anything, the PCC model brings the rifle more up to date. It feels like an AR, but loading it and later, on the range shooting it, it felt just like an MP5. Since the rifle did not ship with an optic, I decided to mount a scope similar to others I have seen many of the professionals use in competition.

To speed up the transition from short range to long and back again, I included a MK Machining 3D printed throw lever.

When switching magnification on the move, using a throw lever from MK Machining is like dropping a Hurst Speed shifter into a classic muscle car. Once Clint, Jerry and I got onto the range, fast seemed to be the name of the game. After quickly sighting in the Strike Eagle optic, we each took turns shooting at small 5-inch targets at popular competition distances. Everything about this rifle was built for speed. The enhanced grip seemed to be recontoured for the PCC model to work better with the angle of the hand in relation to the stock when shooting.

Ironically, the stock was the only thing slow about the rifle, as it took a good bit of pressure to lift and fold it from the stiff hinge attaching it to the lower receiver. Loading the rifle on the move was made much easier with the addition of the flared magazine well. I did not remember the original design having this feature as it was very common for shooters to use an aftermarket Taran Tactical bolt on mag well to speed up loading. The round magazine itself was just as easy to load as Clint pointed out while keeping everyone topped off between rounds of fire.

No, they will not interchange. While Clint and Jerry turn their turns on the rifle, I paid close attention to the three-chamber muzzle brake.The smallest is the 3. Instead of having a direct-gas-impingement operating system like most rifle-caliber ARs or being a straight blowback gun like most pistol-caliber ARs, the MPX uses a proprietary short-stroke gas piston system.

This operating system reduces reciprocating weight, reducing recoil. All the AR-style controls on the lower receiver, as well as the charging handle, are ambidextrous.


The stock is five-position adjustable for length, and it folds to the left side as well. There is a detent so it stays in the folded position. There is no buffer tube, so the MPX can be fired with the stock folded if you want extra credit for style points.

Over the past few years, an older version of the MPX was a preferred pistol-caliber carbine among serious competitors. They liked its large integral magazine well, but it was chosen among gamers mostly for its low recoil. However, as it came from the factory, that MPX carbine was far from perfect for competition.

First, it was too heavy, but the new the PCC sports a lightened handguard that brings the center of gravity back and the weight down to six pounds, Second on the list of needed improvements was a better trigger pull.

Most of the factory MPX trigger pulls were north of six pounds and gritty.

sig sauer mpx k review

It was very crisp with a short reset and little overtravel. The MPX comes with one round translucent magazine made by Lancer, but nobody who shoots a PCC in competition runs a standard-capacity magazine. Shooting the MPX reminded me why it is the go-to for serious hosers: Recoil is almost nonexistent.

Unless you are competing at a dedicated PCC match, PCCs are run on the same stages as pistols, which means most of your shots will be well inside 20 yards. As a result, pretty much everybody runs a non-magnified red dot on their PCCs. Competition shooters load their pistol ammo as soft as possible to reduce recoil in their pistols, but PCCs actually work better with hotter ammo.

Lighter bullets pushed faster generate more gas for that muzzle brake, and the result, counterintuitive as it sounds, is hotter ammo makes the gun shoot flatter. Over the past few years I have come to believe that pistol-caliber carbines are perhaps the best choice for home defense for most people. Those looking to explore precision rifle shooting without going broke will be well served by Daniel Defense's new Delta 5.

Next, we pit subsonic rivals against each other before stretching the legs of this CQB round out to yards from a short 9-inch barrel. See More Popular Videos. All Rifle Shooter subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content.

Review of the SIG Sauer MPX K Pistol

This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow. Get Digital Access.Posted by John B. I chose the 4. A firearm, as defined by 26 U. Outside of having to order backup iron sites from SIG, the project has come out absolutely perfect. It shoots extrordinarily flat with less muzzle rise than even my competition ARs which have compensators and adjustable gas blocks.

That makes the MPX a weapon I or my wife can easily and comfortably use in a home defense secenario. I chose the folding SIG brace due to how incredibly compact the package is when the brace is folded — you can easily fit this weapon into a small backpack.

That greatly increases the utility of this MPX and makes it a via option when I travel. Utilizing an MP5-like piston gas system, the MPX has both incredible reliability and an impressibely pleasant recoil impulse.

Suppressing my MPX will truely make it an ideal home defense weapon.

sig sauer mpx k review

So stay tuned for my next article which will detail my experiences in going through the NFA application process for the first time. About John B. Holbrook, II John B. Holbrook, II and are copyright protected. Use of any of the information or images without the permission of the author is prohibited. John B. Share this: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter.

Like this: Like Loading About The Author. Related Posts. Sponsored Links. Recent Comments John B.Several top shooters adopted it over the 9mm AR conversions and dedicated AR platform guns being used. Both the AR style guns and the MPX were tweaked and upgraded by the shooters to gain an edge in the Practical Shooting arena where performance is measured down to the hundredth of a second. The lightweight contour twist 16 inch barrel now sports a three chamber compensator to help reduce the already minimal recoil generated by the 9mm carbine.

The simple but effective design works well, keeping the muzzle steady allowing faster follow-up shots on target. The 9mm round only has a small amount of exhaust gas and pressure to work with compared to rifle rounds, but when competing at the highest levels every bit helps. The trigger weight averaged out at 4 lbs 13 ounces after 10 cycles on my Lyman Electronic Trigger Scale.

Accuracy testing was done at 50 yards off the bench supporting the gun on a couple Armageddon Gear range bags. The gun was shooting so well that I feared the red dot sight might be holding back the results so I mounted a Nightforce 2. The smallest 5 shot group was a 1. Another factor I consider important is how a gun feels. It points naturally and lends itself to making the rapid target transitions required in speed-based events.

At A subtle, but important feature of the handguard is that it has a slight downward flaring at the muzzle end that acts as a small hand stop. This keeps a shooter from putting their hand out too far and catching the muzzle blast from the compensator on their fingers.

It goes beyond the shoulder of the barrel and start of the threads making it impossible to mount a some other larger compensators or a suppressor. At a bit over 6. The PCC balances well with the mid-point being right at the forward takedown pin.

Aiding the balance and fit is the side- folding adjustable stock. Besides the cool factor of the side-folder swinging away for easy storage and carry; the adjustable length allows tailoring the length of pull for balance, shooter comfort and shooting style. The buttstock also has two mounting points for a sling.

Due to its popularity the number of accessories for the MPX is growing. Perhaps the most important characteristic of a firearm that is more critical than all the rest is reliability. Will it shoot every time and keep running when you need it too? I shot well over rounds of mixed ammunition through the Sig PCC and only had two failures, and those were my fault. The Sig system just works; put a dot or scope on it, bullets in it and go to the range or match. I say similar because the Sig has all ambidextrous controls so everything can be operated from either side of the gun-awesome.

Even the charging handle has dual releases rather than just on one side; making it easier for cycling if needed under the always counting timer of life and competition. Another subtlety I noticed is that the magazine release button is slightly farther away from the back of the grip on the PCC than on a standard AR I had chalked up a couple of bad reloads during competition due to being new to the gun and the rush of match pressure.

However, while handling the gun for pictures and gathering specs I noticed that the button felt like a bit more of a reach than normal, and it is. Sig makes 10, 20 and 30 round magazines for the MPX. The shorter length of the round version suited me the best for speed reloads. The upgrades the PCC model provides leaves little else to be desired or needed prior to taking it to the range or match.SIG Sauer seems poised to take over the world these days.

It seems like they have a winner in every market segment except kitchen sinks, and they are probably working on kitchen sinks right now. The not an SBR but totally a semiautomatic 9mm sub gun?

sig sauer mpx k review

What the MPX represents is a leap forward in real sub-machine guns, with many flavors of semiauto, civilian-legal variations. The MPX was designed from the ground up as a new platform, with a retention of the design characteristics from an AR that it made sense to steal. This cuts the learning curve to zero, and also fits the MPX nicely into applications where a rifle is too much, but a pistol is too little.

It is about 3 inches longer that the AR versions, classic SIG sticking it to the man every chance they get.

sig sauer mpx k review

More on that in a minute. The brace is attached to a folding hinge, which mounts on the MPX via a Picatinny rail on the back of the receiver. The folding hinge bolts to the Picatinny for a rock-solid joint. When you shoot the MPX with, uh, the arm brace velcroed in place, there is no movement in the stock, which is awesome.

The hinge is a little tight, it takes some force to unlock, but it works great. The receiver set looks very similar to an AR, and it is fully ambidextrous including the charging handle. Your welcome, wrong handers. The magazine release button has gotten a little redesign, it is about twice the size of a normal AR on the right side, and the paddle on the left is about the size of a regulation normal one. The safety selector is AR similar on the left, and little shorter that your old familiar controls on the right.

The right side bolt release is absolutely massive, and you can easily reach it with your trigger finger. Only the left side will lock the bolt to the rear, but both sides release it with ease.

The magazine well is slightly flared, which really helps facilitate quick reloads. The MPX runs on a proprietary Sig magazine, which gave me zero problems. The magazine is clear plastic with steel feed lips, and runs buttery smooth.

Loading the magazine is easy, no Uzi magazine problems for this little guy. We only had one magazine for testing, the factory standard 30 rounder. TTI had just shipped the new aluminum extension in Coyote Bronze, and it ran like a champ.

This extension does not require a new spring, which also tells me SIG was serious on spring tension. Adding 10 rounds is no small feat, so the factory 30 round was absolutely meant to work in all conditions, for a very long time. The upper and lower come apart with just like an AR, with a takedown pin front and rear of the receiver.InSIG Sauer set out to design and manufacture one of their most ambitious creations — a gas-operated submachine gun, chambered in 9X19mm.

A Semiauto SubGun? SIG Sauer’s MPX PSB 9mm – Full Review.

A new generation of MP5 -style guns, if you will. Here are some of its specs. This firearm has several variants, and we will mention some of them later on. Can you guess what they are? Comment below! This thing is built a lot like an AR, and that is no accident. The AR-platform is one of the most recognizable and widely-used designs in modern firearm history.

The bolt catch, safety button, and magazine release are all styled in AR fashion, and to make it even better, SIG has made this platform completely ambidextrous. This thing has a fully closed and locked rotating bolt mechanism, which means it can a lot of punishment and stay operational, without malfunctioning for even a split-second. The MPX has a full-length Picatinny rail on top, and it comes with flip-up iron sights.

There is also a KeyMod rail on the forend. The rear of the gun also has a small Picatinny rail, allowing you to mount the stock or brace of your choice on the back.

Some attachments require paperwork, so make sure to comply with your local laws and regulations. Instead of an AR-like direct impingement system or MP5-esque blowback system, the MPX utilizes a short-stroke piston system, and this is part of what helps the gun be much safer, much cleaner, and much more reliable than similar submachine guns.

The MPX looks great and also shoots great.

SIG MCX VIRTUS Torture Testing

The round magazine is plenty, and it is an accurate and precise weapon right out of the box. The MPX is meant to be a close-encounter personal defense weapon, and it does its job in the best possible way. The one thing I saw as a shortcoming — one which many will agree with me on — is the factory trigger.

It is not the best, to say the least. I am not such a picky trigger squeezer, normally. That means that if I noticed its choppiness, you can bet your bottom dollar that there are many out there who replaced that trigger as soon as they cut the tape on the box. As for the actual shooting experience — I have no complaints. It shoots like a SIG should. There were problems and setbacks, but they got through them and released the MPX-P sometime after the standard one came out.

Happy sundaygunday everyone! Does anybody have any recommendations where I can get some good ones that are easy to set up and that are pretty compact? These magazines are expensive, and right now they are only available through SIG. The magazines are polymer, and they come inand round options. They did for me, anyway, when I was at the range.Trump will announce that alien life exists: 20 to 1.

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