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Videocardz spotted a tweet from Komachi, one of the regular hardware leakers on Twitter, which pointed out a bunch of graphics cards filed with the EEC Eurasian Economic Commission by Afox. Afox is certainly one of the more obscure GPU makers out there, but it has a pretty decent spread of affordably-priced cards. However, a bigger manufacturer you will have heard of — Sapphire — also filed all these product names with the EEC way back in June Indeed, Sapphire filed these and a whole lot more product names in what was likely a bunch of placeholders, meaning they could be speculatively filed just in case AMD makes these GPUs, rather than actually indicating the company knows they are in the pipeline.

Also, Sapphire may have filed so many names just to throw people off the scent in other words, chucking some false names in there, to hide the real products, as it were.

Afox has only filed four top-end Navi models, as mentioned, which is interesting — but this could still all be speculative filing, of course. Nvidia killer ready to roll? Check out all the best gaming PCs of See more Graphics cards news.Lisa Su confirmed that high-end 7nm Navi-powered gaming graphics cards are en route. The news will surely come as music to enthusiast's ears as there will eventually be more options to choose from in the high-end market. However, we've only seen the tip of the iceberg, and Navi certainly still has a lot of untapped performance.

You asked a good product question. I would say they are coming. You should expect that our execution on those are on track and we have a rich 7nm portfolio beyond the products that we have currently announced in the upcoming quarters. So we know for a fact that there will be an RX or RX series. At least now we can be certain that everything is marching according to AMD's plans thanks to Su's latest statement.

At this point in time, it's very likely that most of the model names are placeholders, and not all of them will make it to the market. Nevertheless, it opens the door for a bit of speculation. How crazy would that be, having two Navi dies on the same PCB? Other equally interesting models are the RX 5xseries.

They appear to be more powerful models of their respective series, or they can be a refresh of the Navi offerings.

It's anyone's guess for now. While Su hinted that AMD is working diligently on high-end Navi graphics cards, she didn't mention what kind of timeframe we're looking at. We can only hope they arrive sooner rather than later because Navi needs someone to carry the flagship title.

Image credit: AMD The news will surely come as music to enthusiast's ears as there will eventually be more options to choose from in the high-end market.

See all comments If the gpu would be chiplet like the Ryzen is, then ot would make Sense though Most likely xx50 will be those first raytrasing models or mayve amd makes something crasy and go chiplet GPUs in the next year!

That would be super crazy! But who knows Interesting gpu year coming! Chiplets can be ansver, but chiplet based GPUs just does not work in wondows. Amd has talked about chiplet GPUs in the past and They did found out that it just does not work yeat. There would be needed complete owerhaul in the operation system level to make it work. One day if MS do their home work it may be possible, that day just is not today.

rx 5800 xt release date

I think RX XT will be even crazier as it will be affordable version with even better performance. I have the Vega 64 LC and wanted to skip Navi eintirely. But Navi looks very promising. I may just be broke, but I really am interested in the lower tier cards like the RX and RX series.

Lisa Su's answer was about as generic and information free as an answer can be. I don't think any sane person is expecting whatever topend single GPU AMD releases to beat the Ti more than a year old alreadynor will it suport hardware ray tracing. So the only intrigue with these cards is what is Nvidia going to release to keep AMD out of the topend.

Nvidia didn't spend the last year since the RTX release developing the just released Super cards. Assuming Nvidia has been working on 7nm for awhile, one would think they will be ready by early next year to respond to whatever AMD releases. Going by AMD's recent history of just barely undercutting Nvidia's cost based on rasterized performance without ray tracing support, how well is that going to work next year when Nvidia 2nd gen RTX is released?Actually, they registered a bunch more but I ran out of space for the topic title.

Anything and everything NAVI is coming. In a few days, the RX series will be unleashed. But that didn't stop Sapphire to register a bunch of products. Where the RX XT is prone to be released, the new product names will represent both more expensive and cheaper models. Funny fact; a Radeon RX is also listed, this gpu has been around for a while. Previously, three other graphics processors named Navi 12, 14 and 21 have already been spotted inside drivers for the Linux operating system.

GeForce Folding Home reaches 2. Weird crashing when exiting menu in game. The card listed is a reference product as well. This round though Sapphire added speci Undying Senior Member Posts: Joined: Great times.

Aura89 Senior Member Posts: Joined: So i'm going to assume that this is just registering what sapphire "thinks" may be products, as a possibility, rather then actually any clue as to what products will definitely be coming out by AMD.

AMD Working on Navi 12 Chipset Heading to RX 5800?

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RSS Newsletter Join. That said, these listings do not confirm when these graphics cards will release. Regardless, this EEC listingwhich was first uncovered by Komachishould not be seen as a guarantee that any of these graphics card SKUs exist. Another thing that's worth considering is that the RX XT is a placeholder name for a future high-end Radeon graphics card.

As it stands, this leak gives us no real information, just names for AMD's upcoming high-end Navi graphics cards. Furthermore, Lisa Su has also confirmed that "a high-end Navi" graphics card is in the works. It's about time. Originally Posted by g0ggles Can't wait to find out what arbitrary reason Jensen conjures to take a huge dump on this like he does every single time AMD release a GPU. I wonder if there will be a HBM card Name Email. Originally Posted by g0ggles Can't wait to find out what arbitrary reason Jensen conjures to take a huge dump on this like he does every single time AMD release a GPU.This is supposed to be a fundamental reset of AMD's graphics processors, tweaking and tuning every element of the design to improve performance and efficiency—or at least, that's the official line.

Navi, sadly, isn't it. AMD claims IPC performance improvements of 25 percent per CU, and says that overall performance per watt will be 50 percent better than its previous generation Vega and Polaris architectures. Perhaps the Navi RX XT will perform better than I'm expecting, and certainly a price drop would go a long way to make the new cards more attractive. There's a popular saying with computer hardware: There are no bad products, only bad prices.

The initial cards could end up being more of an early adopter Founders Edition launch, with a price drop after the first wave. But whatever happens, there's a ton of information to discuss, so let's get to it.

Each core can execute an FMA fused multiple add every clock cycle, which means two ops per core, and with a boost clock of MHz that works out to a peak computational rating of GFLOPS billions of operations per second. That doubles the theoretical bandwidth compared to PCIe 3. That's because even an x16 PCIe 4. There may be a few edge cases where PCIe 4. AMD lists the transistor count as That's substantially smaller than Vega 10 Those are the core specs, but there are a few extra pieces of information that aren't really covered.

First, even though the theoretical performance per streaming core is the same—one FMA per clock—AMD has reworked the architecture relative to previous GPUs and claims 25 percent better IPC, and 50 percent better performance per watt. However, if AMD's 25 percent claim is accurate, that means the 9. The actual Vega 64 is rated at up to Keep in mind that Nvidia's GTX has a theoretical compute performance of GFLOPS, but outperforms the Vega 64 on average in our gaming tests, so Nvidia still appears to extract more real-world performance from its hardware.

The second item is the new "Game Clock" specification. This is a conservative estimate of the typical clockspeeds users will get from the GPU while playing games. This is basically the same as Nvidia's boost clock—Nvidia's cards routinely run at speeds well above the rated boost clock in my experience—and as Nvidia puts it, it's better to under promise and over deliver than the other way around.

There's just one problem. AMD is reporting computational performance using the boost clock, or at least it used that number in its E3 press briefings and on the product specs pages.

🚩RDNA 2 УЖЕ БЛИЗКО, RX 5800-5900 XT, Radeon Pro W5500 и проблемы из-за коронавируса

We can't say for certain what clockspeeds the Navi GPUs will use during gaming sessions, but AMD's own statements suggest the Game Clock is a better estimate than the boost clock. Note: the above slides provided by AMD provide much of the material for the following architectural discussion. This has been the status quo dating back to at leastwhen Nvidia's Maxwell architecture improved efficiency without sacrificing performance.

The problem with graphics architectures is that often we're given very little low-level information.And AMD has had to respond accordingly.

At least AMD now has its own retail channel, via the store at amd. Each CU now has one extra scheduler and one extra scalar unit, doubling up their counts on both scores.

rx 5800 xt release date

This tailoring for gaming is most obvious in arguably the biggest architectural change of the RDNA architecture: boosted instructions per clock. Basically AMD has focused on improving the straight line gaming performance of its GPUs where before, with Vega, it was looking more towards the parallelism necessary for improved compute workloads. But, that said, during testing our RX XT card comfortably topped its rated game clock by a fair margin.

If you take the RX XT gaming performance in isolation, looking at the performance difference between the last-gen Vega cards and the new Navi GPU, the amount of progress that AMD has made in the intervening time becomes clear.

rx 5800 xt release date

So, the expensive inaugural 7nm card which launched in February has been instantly rendered obsolete by the top Navi GPU. With a third fewer compute units and unified shaders than the 7nm Vega the similarly 7nm Navi 10 can deliver the same levels of gaming performance. Were we purely looking at a generation-to-generation comparison for the new AMD cards the top-spec Navi easily looks like a genuinely quality graphics card for the masses.

But not only has that old now been retired, so has the Founders Edition schtick too. The shifting sands of the GPU market, however, encouraged AMD to slash the pricing of its new RX series cards pre-launch in order to switch their respective targets. There are a few occasions where the RTX Super manages to achieve some level of gaming parity with the XT, but on the whole the Navi-based card absolutely has the edge. You are, of course, also getting access to the current and future real-time ray tracing effects being added to more and more games with the GeForce GPUs.

We do, however, need to talk about more than just straight frame rate performance too; we need to talk about power and thermals.

Radeon RX 5950 XT and RX 5800XT appear on the EEC database

That is to say: hot. And loud. That should tell you all you need to know about the relative efficiency of the Nvidia Turing graphics architecture vs the AMD Navi design. Just think about how much more efficient Turing could be at 7nm….

This is exactly why increased competition in the market is going to be great for gamers. Then AMD hits back and slashes the price of its Navi-based GPUs just days before the launch and shakes up the graphics card market once more. The 7nm early adopters have really been cut adrift. Power and thermals are still an issue though, especially considering this is a 7nm part.

AMD Radeon RX 5800 series rumored to battle RTX 2070 SUPER

Nvidia has already laid a lot of the ground work for PC gamers. It is worth mentioning the overclocking performance of the Navi card, however. You can push the RX XT up to stock RTX Super performance, but then you can easily overclock the Nvidia card to go even further thanks to its far superior cooling and efficiency. Out of the box the cut-down Navi GPU has its frequency and power artificially limited to prevent users from accessing its full potential. That makes the non-XT a rather tempting option right now.

But the RX XT still looks like a great straight rasterised rendering card. An impressive gen-on-gen performance bump from Vega, and with a smart new gaming architecture. It's just a little toasty is all Dave James.

Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs. Dave James days ago.AMD has yet to announce any other 7nm based Navi discrete graphics cards. However, the company's biggest Add-in-Board partner Sapphire has registered more than a dozen new trademarks with the ECC and these trademarks are quite telling of things to come. Now, AMD is obviously not working on or intending on releasing as many graphics cards as Sapphire has registered.

That's just the AIB covering its tracks by registering all possible combinations of names in the series. The two other GPUs will slot in above and below Navi 10 in terms of die size and overall performance. So you can certainly expect AMD to release both faster, more expensive RX series cards as well as more mainstream and affordable options down the line. The exact timeline is unclear, but from everything we have heard to date we're not likely to see big Navi until next year.

When the 7nm FinFET yields are more forgiving, today the process is just not mature enough to accommodate a competitively priced large chip. As for a smaller Navi chip, we expect it to show up just in time for the yearly Notebook refresh cycle towards the beginning of next year. By Khalid Moammer. Share Tweet Submit. AMD Ryzen 9 X 4.

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