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Best purple strains list of top purple feminized, regular photoperiod and autoflowering cannabis seeds. While often legendary purple strains exist in clone-only form, such as Purple Urkle and Grape Ape, a number of appealing seed varieties can give growers high yields of dank, connoisseur-quality purple-colored buds.

Table of Contents:. A Ken Estes original seed strain.

g purps strain

The purple color in GDP comes out during the end of flowering, and is intensified with lower temperatures. Fairly good mold resistance outdoors, the plants can grow large provided a long veg cycle.

Best Weed Strains: Strongest & Highest THC Weed Strains

Purple Afghan Kush seeds grow into sturdy plants with high resistance to pests and diseases. During around the 5th week of flowering purple bud and leaf colors develop and continue as the plant becomes ready to harvest at nearly 8 weeks. Overview: Purple Trainwreck is a beautiful indica-dominant purple strain made by crossing Mendocino Purps and Trainwreck. The seeds grow vigorously, turning into Christmas-tree shaped bud plants that turn purple and violet colors when the temps drop.

An adequate grower both indoors and outdoors, Purple Trainwreck can grow up to 3 meters and yield as high as 2. Overview: Perhaps the most well-known purple strain in the world, Purple Haze, is a legendary old-school sativa that combines potency and vivid colors.

The Purple Haze seeds offered by G13 Labs grow into dark plants looking slightly more indica than other Purple Haze strains and produce a high yield of tasty, strong pot.

The pheonotypes vary when grown from seed, with some plants finishing in as early as 50 days with other phenos going longer. More seeds equals more chances to find that great purple mother plant. Jomolhari at the Tibetan border to the North, which is where the landrace sativa used for breeding Purple Paro Valley seeds was obtained. Responds well to LST, training and may require branch support. Overview: Purple Bud by Seedsman is bred from West Coast genetics and grows into plants resembling the traits of Skunk 1, while finishing up into a deep, almost black, purple color.

Purple Bud is easy to grow indoor and outdoors, being a good choice for high latitude climates where they are ready to harvest in October. Grows huge, yieldy cannabis plants. Outdoors for moderate climates, due the plants finishing so late in the season. Purple Haze x Malawi buds give off exotic spicy incense and blackberry aromas that give the user a stimulating, energetic effect. Rare Darkness seeds grow into beautiful dark purple bud plants, short and stout in appearance.

Bred from Purple Afghan with indica and sativa strains, Purple 1 has adapted to growing in the local outdoor Dutch climate. As soon as flowering starts the purple color shows up in the leaves and bleeds into the bud tips. Violeta cannabis seeds by Ace Seeds grow into mainly columnar structure plants with medium node length, whose buds mature into intense red and purple color schemes. A well balanced sativa-indica effect with interesting balsamic fruity aromas. Both give highly resinous, fast flowering, potent weed that show a surprising resilience against rain and fungal disease.

The buds produce a stoney, relaxing effect and smell of fresh strawberries and blackberries. Overview: A strain specifically bred for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, Shaman by Dutch Passion is a purple F1 mostly sativa hybrid made between Purple 1 and Early Skunk plants.

Grandoggy Purps

A fast flowering strain with a good resistance to mold and rot, ideal for growers in high humidity areas. The prized Shaman phenotypes grow sturdy, colorful purple colas that smell like ripe mangoes and give a smooth smoke with an uplifting effect. Red Poison Auto develops brilliant shades of red-purple buds on buds liberally coated with crystals. The plant grows a stout main stalk and beautiful large colas with long side branches, producing skunky sweet couch-lock purple weed.

Overview: Auto Purple Bud feminized cannabis seeds by White Label Seeds produce high-potency Afghan indica plants with a strong tendency to turn purple. Regardless of the temperature, Auto Purple Buds display a range of dark-blue, violet, lavender, and dark red colors all through their growing and flowering cycles as they grow to cm tall. Good yields of highly resinous, relaxing stoney buds.Red Purps is an indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that is the result of the crossbreeding of parent strains Haze and Skunk.

This strain displays some serious charisma through its impressively fast flowering period, pleasant smell profile, and mesmerising tastes when smoked. The flowers of the strain give off the appearance of jewels, encrusted with large numbers of trichomes and displaying red and purple tones.

When opening a stash jar or bag full of the strain, aromas of fruit, flowers, and sweetness will fill the space. This experience will make the smoking process even more sought after. After loading a blunt or bong bowl full of this strain, smokers are in for a treat for the taste buds.

Red Purps delivers a diverse array of tastes that includes hints of sweetness, fruit, berries, and passion fruit. These complex and satisfying taste and flavour profiles really do make Red Purps an appealing strain for cannabis connoisseurs.

Although Red Purps is indeed an indica dominant strain when it comes to its genetic make up, the high generated from smoking the strain leans towards the sativa side and hits both the body and the mind. The head high aspects are relaxing, thought provoking, and very uplifting. These elements of the high make the strain great for when planning on working on a task that requires creative thinking, focus, and alertness.

The high also has a side that produces a body high, creating feelings of calmness and increased appetite. This element of the high produced by Red Purps makes it a good smoke to experience in the evening when looking to settle down and relax. Red Purps does very well when grown outside within pots or among garden beds.

Outdoor yields are reported to be high, great news for growers who are looking to grow huge amounts of flowers in order to make high potency extracts and oils. Red Purps has the potential to grow to the impressive heights of cm, meaning it will need some of its own space to really thrive. The harvest time for this strain is around the end of September, after a flowering time of around 7 weeks. Blog categories Grow The consumption of cannabis Culture.

Follow us. Red Purps 0 reviews Be the first.Over the last few years, world-renowned Granddaddy Purple has been pretty damn busy stirring up some THC-filled waves across the globe, even if its origins began in a small little West Coast stoner hub famous for its cannabis culture and weed connoisseurs. Flash forward to the present year, and Granddaddy Purple marijuana has become not only a CA favorite, but also a global cannabis icon.

The answers might surprise you, but mostly they will probably just cause you to crave the hefty and potent buds. Find out all you need to know about this Ken Estes creation in our complete Granddaddy Purple strain review.

Table of Contents.

⛽GAS House -"Grand Daddy Purp"- CBD Hemp Review & SS...⛽

GDP likely gets its wonderful and sultry aroma from Purple Urkle, while Big Bud lends its dense and thick flower structure to the iconic cannabis crop. To say that the buds of Granddaddy Purple are stunning would be a gross understatement.

Overall, the aroma of Granddaddy Purple is sweet and citrusy, with earthy undertones that spark slight glimpses of grape and other juicy fruits. The flavor is essentially what you would expect from a cannabis strain that smells this good; your taste buds should immediately recognize the tangs of grape, berries and other sweet delights. And of course, the appearance of these dense and massive buds just tie the entire beauty of the crop together: bright green leaves blend seamlessly together with vibrant purple hints that electrify and ignite the energy of this incredible flower.

If this sounds appealing and you are longing to learn to grow your own Grandaddy Purps, then keep reading to learn more…. Most would agree that cultivating Granddaddy Purple is of moderate difficulty, which may make it a challenging task for absolute beginners although doable by growers with moderate to professional experience.

Other than this factor, Granddaddy Purple is naturally quite resistant to moldpests, powdery mildew, and diseases. So at least this side of the growing process will be relatively low maintenance.

Ken’s Grand Daddy Purple (GDP): A Strong Sleep-Aid

Grandaddy Purple can be grown either indoors or outdoorsbut it must have a well-ventilated space to thrive in. The crop itself is of the indica variety, so its stature is quite short and densely bushy, making it suitable for low-ceiling spaces inside. Outdoors, GDP tends to prefer a warm, sunny, humid climate, with harvest typically falling around mid-October.

The flowering time for GDP is usually around weeks, and for an indica, this cannabis strain provides decent sized yields with a result of around 19 ounces per plant outdoors, and 17 ounces per meter squared indoors. Overall, it is no doubt worth growing if a high-yielding indica is what you desire. The effects of Granddaddy Purple on the mind and body are possibly overwhelming, but surprisingly not in a negative way.

This feeling will quickly melt into a buzzing and happy high, leaving the mind with cerebral bliss and euphoria. Eventually, the relaxation will become so deep that you may discover yourself becoming tired and sleepy; this is normal because Granddaddy Purple very much acts as a natural sedative. If these are the effects you are looking for, just know that Granddaddy Purple is one of the best indica cannabis strains you can choose from on the market.

In fact, it is quickly becoming a favorite not only in the U. GDP is utilized for a number of medical conditions and ailments within both the physical and mental realms. Physically, Granddaddy Purps is probably most relied on for the numbing of pain, especially for individuals suffering from chronic painwhich of course can be extremely debilitating.

Additionally, lack of appetiteinsomniadepressionanxiety and stress can all discover relief with the help of this cannabis plant. When dealing with a physical condition such as pain, insomnia or lack of appetite, a larger than normal dose of this cannabis may be in order to experience the full medicinal benefits. Ediblesconcentrates, candies, live resin, etc. Just know your limits, and stick to them.

Adding to its already long list of pros in addition to being well-rounded and all-around medicinalGranddaddy Purple also may have a few potentially negative side effects. If you are naturally sensitive to THC-induced paranoia, then you may want to stay away from GDP or any potent cannabis strain for that matterand instead opt for strains with less of a gap between the THC and CBD ratio Harlequin is a sufficient example.

The majority of individuals report dry mouth cotton mouth and dry eyes after intaking some of this marijuana, but these two symptoms are effortlessly manageable with just a little extra planning and preparation.

The number one solution to keeping cotton mouth at bay is simply staying extra hydrated before, during and after your consumption of cannabis, and remaining conscious of your overall fluid intake. Keep a bottle of refreshing water nearby at all times during your high, especially with a cannabis strain like Granddaddy Purple which is prone to causing couchlock.

If you have the bottle nearby already, you will have no excuse to not drink from it. Also, by purchasing a container of moisturizing eye drops prior to your consumption, you can avoid any unpleasant and unnecessary discomforts that might arise from dry eyes later on. If you are an individual or patient looking to find relief from insomnia, lack of appetite, stressdepression, anxiety or pain, then Granddaddy Purple just might be the right marijuana strain for you.

Please note, consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the consumer, and discretion should be taken.Cannabis comes in a variety of different colors, most of them are just different shades of green though. The orange pistils and dusting of resin help give cannabis its distinct look, but some strains go above and beyond in the hue department. In a sea of green buds, a purple bud really does stand out and grab your attention.

Years ago, the only purple strains you could find were only purple due to environmental conditions. Plants grown outdoors that were subject to prolonged periods of cold temperatures would start to develop a purple color. Anthocyanins are a group of pigment molecules that are responsible for giving many plants their purple, blue or even red color. Exposing cannabis plants to cold temperatures will impact the anthocyanin production and begin to turn the leaves, buds and stems purple.

Today, selective breeding and genetic augmentation allows cannabis growers to produce purple plants without subjecting the plants to cold weather. You can grow purple cannabis strains in a controlled environment without stressing the plants out. Some buds may be vividly purple with almost no green color, others might have next to no purple at all. The legend, Mendocino Purps came together with Skunk and Afghani in order to give the world the amazing Grape Ape strain.

This indica dominant strain has bold purple leaves and an unmistakable grape aroma. The only Sativa strain on the list, Purple Haze is one of the most sought after strains in the world.

Well, we will.

g purps strain

Mendocino Purps starts off purely green, earning the purple color in the last weeks of flowering. It offers well-rounded yet mild effects which is great for the average user. Generally Obama Kush has a slight purple hue beneath the thick dusting of resin.

Be careful when wading through the Blackwater strain. Blackwater has a deep purple color and a grape-like aroma. A flavorful strain with notes of sweet berry and grape, the genetics of which are somewhat unknown.

The name says it all, expect a powerful sour grape flavor from this strain. Purple Skunk is actually a sativa dominant hybrid that combines Skunk 1 genetics with a classically purple strain to give it its color.Share your location to get the most relevant content and products around you. Leafly keeps personal information safe, secure, and anonymous. By accessing this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We use cookies to enable essential features of our site and to help personalize your experience.

Learn more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe from Leafly email messages anytime. Check out photos people have shared with us. Calculated from products tested with lab partners. This California staple inherits a complex grape and berry aroma from its Purple Urkle parent, while Big Bud passes on its oversized, compact bud structure.

Its potent effects are clearly detectable in both mind and body, delivering a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. Granddaddy Purple is typically pulled off the shelf for consumers looking to combat painstressinsomniaappetite lossand muscle spasms.

GDP blesses growers with massive yields which are ready for harvest following a 60 day flowering time indoors. Hang tight. We're looking for dispensaries that carry Granddaddy Purple nearby. City, state, or zip code. Close search Search Leafly.

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Home Strains Granddaddy Purple. Slide 1 of 3. Check out photos people have shared with us photos. Calming Energizing. Granddaddy Purple. This info is sourced from our readers and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition. Strain spotlight.Not this time around.

The result is an incredibly diverse terpene profile, an elaborate nose and equally nuanced effects. Aromas of pine, lemon-lime soda, and a touch of ginger, fade in and out, while both the cerebral and physical effects are light-hearted, calm, and dream-like.

One of our favorite strains names because it adds a justified layer of drama to this strain. A Hybrid Afghani Land Race strain whose effects are complex. Moderately high concentrations of both myrcene and limonene create a heavy physical feel that is still mentally stimulating. The aroma and flavor are equally complex with a range of citrus and floral notes. Chemdawg 4 and Northern Lights x Haze were crossed. This particular batch is more. The aroma is. A land race is a strain that has been native to a particular area for long enough to have adapted to a specific micro climate so that individualistic traits are present.

Fairly heavy and relaxing with an earthy, floral aroma. Prices Include All Taxes. Recreational Menu Medical Menu. Dry Flower. Pre-Rolled Joints. Bulk Fiction. Go To Top. Product Archive.

g purps strain

A mild citrus funk can be noticed more though the retro-nasal olfaction. The aroma is incredibly unique with notes of ripe banana which are apparent immediately, which carries over into the taste in a blunt a direct manner. Bedford Grow.Grand Daddy Purps earns high marks for its strong indica effects and great medicinal attributes.

It was a good purple strain regardless and should be picked up if you like indicas or grapey flavored strains. There are many different "cuts" of GDP around the country. Most of them share the same general terpene profile and hybrid high associated with Grape Ape and Purple Urkle. For sure, people defend their local favorite as being the "real" or "best" Grand Daddy.

A soft smooth start gives way to a solid body high. Its latent hybrid nature gives just enough head high to be considered a solid mid-day strain as well as an evening variety. The G. Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice. Please respect the marijuana laws. Please read our full disclaimer here. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Advertise with PotGuide Login Sign up. Toggle navigation. Grand Daddy Purps.

Very Purple with orange tendrils, almost no green to be seen. Fresh grape smell with a piney undertone and hints of Tobacco. Roasted berries and potpourri. Write a Review. Girl Scout Cookies Hybrid. Sour Diesel Sativa-dominant hybrid. View All Strains. Recent Blog Entries. View All Articles.

g purps strain

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