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We are short staffed and continuing to ship out orders as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support in these challenging times. Stay safe friends! At North Stills, it is our mission is to provide Canadian distilleries and hobbyists with a local source for the absolute highest quality of distillation equipment available on the market today.

Our equipment is as highly functional and efficient as it is aesthetically pleasing. Please call us or make an appointment to visit us today.

I was told of how the old man who once owned the land would distill his own gin and flavour it with the juniper berries that grew there. I remember my imagination running wild with the idea of being able to make my own moonshine and elixirs from scratch. Soon after, I began studying distilling techniques and within several years I was designing and building my own copper and stainless steel stills.

Our equipment can be used to distill clean drinking water, make Moonshine and a full range of alcohol such as Whisky, Brandy, Vodka, Rum, Gin, and anything in-between! Some of our specialty equipment extracts essential oils from plants to be used in aromatherapy and perfumes. The possibilities are infinite and if you can dream it, you can make it with a North Still. We design and manufacture fully modular distilling equipment in any size for the lowest price possible, with units ranging from 10 to 10, litres.

We are truly passionate about our work and we take your goals very seriously. A wide range of individual parts for distillers and brewing. We design and custom configure fully modular systems to suit all, distillation needs. Click on our SHOP button to see our full line up of products. In the past, it was almost impossible to make top-quality liquors and sprits at home.

Now you can safely buy home distilling equipment and supplies from wherever you are. We offer a wide range of home distilling equipment and supplies for both first-timers and seasoned home distillers. Our vast experience in the distilling industry allows us to offer high quality home distilling products that will enable you to make a high quality distilled spirits product. These days, more and more people are interested in distilling equipment in order to make their own home brewing.

While alcohol disitilling is illegal to make and distribute under federal laws, it is not prohibited to have hobby distilling kits and in many places, people can obtain a permit to make ethanol — an important fuel that has many applications.

Just compare our distillation equipment with other similar products currently available in the market and the deference is clear to see. That difference lies in the quality of products, both in the material used and the awesome craftsmanship incorporated. Here, we offer a wide variety of alcohol-making equipment, including copper stills, stainless steel stills, bottle fillers, drip trays, oak barrels, hydrometer and more.

The quality of material like copper ensures stability and better control, and enhances the result of the distillation process in terms of taste.

Copper has been used to make moonshine stills for many centuries now, and as more and more people have found, it is still the best choice due to its incredible properties and great benefits in the distilling process. For the best results when making moonshine or another favourite spirit, use copper. For a cheaper, more durable and easy-to-clean alternative, choose stainless steel stills. You can also add copper mesh and copper pipe to your stainless steel still to get rid of the sulfates.

If you are looking for high-grade moonshine still kits, we are here to help. We offer top-of-the-line distilling equipment supplies such as carbon filters and grains. We have a large selection of stainless steel stills and copper moonshine stills, home distilling and other distillery equipment that you may be interested in.Something for every budget, from craft beer pouches through to all-grain micro breweries.

Set up a winery in your own backyard. Make your own cheese at home with our easy to use cheesemaking kits. The 4L Air Still is the fast and simple way to make your favourite spirits and liqueurs at a fraction of the cost We have combined our highly pop The 4L Air Still is the fast and simple way to make your favourite spirits and liqueurs at a fraction of the cost Finally, a still to take its plac Just add sugar!

For use with the Air Still system. Contains all the ingredients to produce 10L of wash for distilling through the Air Still system which produces Handy little fermenter, great size for moving around with a handle on the lid.

The latest product in the Air Still range, this stainless steel basket is suitable to infuse vodka and gin with botanicals, lemon or orange peel, c Ideal for use with alcohol as Polyethylene will Handy mid-sized fermenter, great size for moving around with a handle on the lid.

This is 25L Total Volume meaning 25L when you fill it all the way The ultimate in distilling, the Turbo is a must for anyone who wants to produce large quantities of extremely clean, pure, commercial alcoho One of the best reflux condensers on the market.

No other condenser can offer the quality and volume. Introducing the new generation of Artisan Copper Distilling. Everything you need to make your complete range of authentic spirits Turbo Copper Condenser: This is the worlds most advanced fractioning co Everything you need to make your complete range of authentic spirits Turbo Copper Condenser: This is the worlds most advanced fractioning col Still Spirits 25 litre stainless steel boiler.

Boil dry reset with thermal cut ou This is the new and improved Alembic condenser This now incorporates a spiral structure modification inside the condenser called fins. The outer w Made from food grade stainless steel and compatible with all standard 2inch tri-clover, tri-clamp, ferrule fittings. If you would like a pipe h Grainfather G30 Connect is your all in one grain brewing system to make beer from grain The sleek look, user friendly, intuitive design, and inn Instead of stripping flavours to Grainfather Connect is yo Alcoengine Pot Still A pure pot still is used when you want the flavour of the wash to come through.

For instance, if you ferment grains, it wil Remove all saddles from the column. The best way to do this is by using the needle valve flow adjuster which is supplied with the machine.Supply orders are shipping within business days. Mile Hi Flutes are shipping estimated weeks. Copper Alembic Whisky Stills ship within business days. These are estimated shipping times.

We are improving lead times every week and suppliers of our stock supplies like yeast, etc are back up and manufacturing so we should be back to operating as normal soon. Thank you for supporting our small business through these challenging times!

Mile Hi Distilling moonshine stills are copper or stainless steel built pot stills that are used to make traditional moonshine or other spirits using sugar or assorted grains as a base. Additionally, you can also use a moonshine still to produce distilled water, fuel, and alcohol for cleaning and disinfecting purposes.

Other kinds of stills that we carry at MileHiDistilling. SinceMile Hi Distilling has had the highest quality stills for sale on the web. We carry everything from commercial volume distilling equipment to table-top home stills. We also have a growing library of articles with everything from a distilling moonshine guide to how to make vodka. Please look around and have fun. You can also keep updated on our newest moonshine still video walkthroughs. If you have any questions give us a call Get discounts, early specials, and updates from Mile Hi Distilling in your inbox.

The right moonshine still for the job depends on several variables. For example, a pot still is going to be much less fuss to use if your product is a flavored spirit like whiskey. A reflux still, on the other hand, is going to be great for a high-proof product like vodka. Getting the right tool for the job can solve a lot of headaches. Used by the original Moonshiners in the Appalachian Hills to make bootleg moonshine, pot stills are relatively easy stills to setup and operate.

They consist of a boiler and a condenser. Reflux Stills are used to create higher proof, odorless and flavorless spirits. The spirit is made more pure by passing through the fractioning column, where it will meet the rising vapor, causing it to condense the during distillation. The taller the column the more neutral the spirit will be. Reflux stills are ideal for distillers who want to create rum, vodka or higher proof whiskeys. If you run a large operation, finding a provider for quality supplies can be tough.

Luckily, Mile Hi Distilling can act as your go-to source for all of the supplies and equipment you need. We keep premium mash ingredients, yeast, oak barrels, instrument, cleaning supplies, and a large selection of stills in stock at all times. We understand the challenges of running a large operation and are always happy to chat if you have any special requests.

Thanks Mile Hi.

copper gin distillery kit

Straight out of the box, everything is perfect! Already gave it a good cleaning and ran a first run through.

copper gin distillery kit

No issues, and no need for adjustment. Thanks for the amazing craftsmanship! Alembic Copper Still 1. Mile Hi Bourbon Whiskey Essence 50ml. Attach an essential oil basket to this and you can make some really cool plant extracts.This way, you can have almost every flavour, colour and style you can think of, and create an artisan gin exactly how you like it.

Gin making kits also make great gifts.

copper gin distillery kit

Here are the 5 best gin making kits in the UK at the moment, including gin infusion kits. All of them use good quality botanicals and some include a presentation bottle, too. Most artisan gin making kits usually come without a base spirit such as vodka, so a list of suggested vodka brands is also detailed at the end of the article.

If you want to know a bit more about the whole process of making your own gin at home, some common questions are also answered later on. Sandy Leaf Farm are one of the best-known companies producing real gin making kits in the UK. One of their major plus points is that they offer lifetime support with any purchase, so you can contact them if you have questions or need help using your kit. This kit is ideal for those who know what kind of flavour profiles they like in their gin fruity, spicy, herbal and so on.

If you want to make your own botanical blend, this kit gives you more flexibility over the flavours you can create. This kit is a little bit different. The kit comes with a selection of high-quality botanicals that are beautifully presented with a jigger and mixing spoon in the kit case. These include things like pink pepper, Ceylon cinnamon and cardamom. This one is a good, solid basic kit for infusing one bottle, with a pre-mixed blend.

The bottle looks nice, too — ideal for showing off your new personal gin supply in. Best for: Making your own tonic as well as different gins and cocktails Pros:.

Canada’s premier supplier of distilling equipment for craft

This kit can help you make flavoured tonic, but also gives you other chemicals for crazy gin flavours, like Parma Violet. If you also want to create cocktails using basic molecular gastronomy, such as liquid pearls or foam in a drink, this is the way to do it. If you like making your own gin or tonic and you want to expand on your gin adventures after using a kit, you can go on to purchase your own spices and botanicals separately.

Many of the above companies sell their blends or ingredients on their own for you to top up supplies. Gin is made from neutral grain alcohol that is infused with botanicals.

No — you just need a quality base spirit such as a good vodka a list of suggestions is below and a clean bottle to infuse everything in. Other people might get creative and use schnapps or other similar spirits. These can be any combination of natural flavourings such as herbs, berries and so on.

Many of the kits have a great selection of botanicals to try, but you can also buy them separately and go wild with different combinations. Many of the kits will produce results after 24 hours upwards. Infuse the gin one afternoon and you can be sipping it the next evening.

Other, more complex kits can take about a week. So which vodka is best for making gin with a kit? Fewer impurities and better distillation in the base grain spirit mean that the flavours you pick for your gin will really shine through. Quality vodka also has a smoothness that will lend itself very well for using with an artisan gin making kit. Here are three suggestions for basic, mid-range and the best vodkas to use when making gin:. Basic: Smirnoff Red click to check the price on Amazon This is a good, solid vodka for starting your gin making kit experiments with.

Most people have heard of Grey Goose, an excellent mid-range gin from France. This is the Bond villain of vodkas, straight out of Moscow. It has its own vintage and is released in limited quantities, like a fine wine. Considering that most bottles of artisan gin cost more than a kit, gin making kits are a more adventurous and cost-effective way of getting a gin and tonic exactly how you like it.

They also make fun gifts for gin lovers, too.

copper gin distillery kit

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